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Monday, November 17


To my loyal readers once again I have become very lazy with my postings. I am trying to play catch up so make sure you read ALL the new postings!!

TV Round UP: (see what shows have already been cancelled)

It's that time of year where new shows are getting eliminated or picked up for a full season. Also we are finding out what shows are on the bubble of getting cancelled if not mid-season, after this year. Here is what we know so far:

Lip Stick Jungle
My Own Worst Enemy
Do Not Disturb
Easy Money
The Ex List
Opportunity Knocks

Saved for the season:
Kath & Kim (I have no idea why, I think this show is ridiculous)
Knight Rider
The Mentalist
Private Practice

On the Bubble: (this is where it gets bad)

Pushing Daisies
Dirty Sexy Money
Eli Stone
Eleventh Hour
Gary Unmarried
Life of Mars
Prison Break
Worst Week

There are a lot of great shows on this list and I hope they are picked up for another season.

All the info I know

Pushing Daisies has completed all 13 of its season two episodes which may be “all she wrote”. Series creator says he may finish out the stories in comic books.
Privileged: The show is one of MANY new shows on the CW, the freshman show is super cheesy but is held together by a very lovable main character, Megan. The show will try out a Monday time slot in December (I am assuming it will take the spot of One Tree Hill or Gossip Girl for a couple weeks to see if it can pull in some of their viewers.)

Prison Break: Basically this show has outlasted what any critics thought it would given the original plot line (what happens after they break out of prison??) Well this season has done better thus far then last season but may still wrap up Michael’s journey in 2009.

Eli Stone: The only word I get on this is TV only has so much room for courtroom shows and this one isn’t pulling in the viewers like Boston Legal does.

Dirty Sexy Money: The people that watch this show LOVE IT but there just isn’t enough of them.

A small piece of positive news is that since the economy is doing so poorly shows won’t be axed so quickly because it is more costly to start up a new production than to continue on with a current one. Basically I read this like if the show isn’t doing HORRIBLE they will probably keep it :)


The Hills will be back for a 5th season even after most of the stars of the show denied it for a while and said they were done with the show. Apparently MTV offered them enough money to make it worth their wild.

Grey's Anatomy:
Ok so I just watched last week's episode last night and let me tell you that I am not a big fan of the Denny story line... Why?? Well a couple reasons it is unrealistic for him to be back (which I don't believe he is) and the other possible plot line is that Izzy is hallucinating which makes me sad for her and for Alex bc every girl he is with ends up a little crazy. I am interested to see how this plot line plays out because Shondra is a good writer I will have a little faith but it is going to be a tough one. Next weeks episode looks super intense with them trying surgery on one of the other interns, are they crazy???


Carrie's husband said...

Not Pushing Daisies. Why, oh, why? Who's going to read a comic book to finish out plot of a TV show? Here's what I know: the show is funny, creative and unique. It's like if Tim Burton was a happy person who did TV shows, instead of a morbid movie director. It's great fun, but, alas, doesn't play up-and-coming singer-songwriters in the background, it's apparent flaw. Sure, it's a not-plausible fantasy fiction, but, then, isn't coming to the ER and being treated by six surgeons and no nurses, orderlies or lab techs equally as fantastical?

- Adam Jones
First time, long time.

Mary said...

I'm sad to see Worst Enemy go. Amon and Deidra enjoyed that show too.

Really, really worried about this Denny thing on Grey's. I heard they are going to give Izzy a brain tumor so Heigl can move to movies full time. That seems ridiculous. And just when Izzy and Alex seem to be working. Ugh.

As for Pushing Daisies I'm very torn! The creator - Bryan Fuller was also an original writer on Heroes... they say he'll go back to Heroes if P.D. gets the axe. And I NEED Heroes to be better than it is now!!

Shelley said...

I am so glad you are back to the blogging world, SB. I feel so out of the loop with the shows. I am asking for a DVR for Christmas. This should make my life oh-so-much better! :)

(I have also been an absent blogger. Sometimes life gets in the way! :))

Sarah Beth said...

I love all the great comments!!! Makes me want to blog more and more....

Carrie said...

Adam is obviously a fan of Pushing Daisies. There are few shows he cares enough about to watch and that is one. I am also sad about Denny. I knew they just couldn't let her and Alex be happy. I think the tumor theory sounds like a good one.

TBG said...

I totally agree! Where are they going with this Denny thing? He died... he can't physically be there...but she can "touch" him??? I really don't want Izzy to be going nuts... and I like her with Alex...well, and denny, but that ship sailed with the L-vat (Sp?) wire-cutting... and i know it's cheesy, but i like privileged... I hope they dont cancel it!