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Wednesday, March 4


American Idol:Going into last night performances there were a lot of familiar faces: Lil, Scott, Nat, Kristen, Kendall, Arianna, etc…. However I left the show feeling very unimpressed. Last night as I watched Idol my husband went to play in a softball game so for the first time I got out a notepad and made notes as the show went along…. I wondered if my notes would match the judge’s comments and sometimes they did and others they did not. Here is my run down of each contestant. I will put my thoughts during the performance in italics.


My TV once again messed up and cute out his performance (don’t worry the satellite people are coming TODAY to check out our problem). I thought the short play back sounded ok but he still screams too much for my liking. However the run downs I am readying today are all saying he controlled his screaming much better last night so he may have a chance.

Good during the chorus she shined but the beginning was rough. This is the best look for her, love her leggings. She struggled with breathing at points. Overall it didn’t blow me away. Simon said it was generic. Agreed.


Good personality! Awkward dance moves and stage presence. Started off good, smooth but then he started screaming a little. I think he is trying to be too cool with the grunting noises. He should have kept the song simple and not tried so hard. America could feel sorry for him and pick up the phone but I doubt it.


Sounds good, shows maturity…Boring song not exciting to watch. She missed some notes in there including the last one. Big voice big song did not equal good! Simon said it was gloomy… agreed.


He is singing the same song he sang in Hollywood. Good voice, love the song…not giving us much personality. He did give some personality after his song was over. I hope he sticks around.


Jordan Sparks sang this song for her first performance in the top 24 and rocked it. Will Kristin do the same? NO SHE DIDN’T!!! She is going too fast…slow down! It sounds like she is speeding through the song to be done. I can’t get a good feel of her voice as she speeds past each note. I hate the arrangement! The judges didn’t say anything about this awful arrangement…they mainly talked about her image. I don’t get it!!! Please listen to Jordin Sparks singing this song at the same stage in the competition.


Doesn’t show great vocals… How can someone with so much color be so boring? I think America will love him or hate him. Simon said it was uncomfortable to watch…agreed!

This needs to be a strong performance because America doesn’t really know her and we are all trying to figure out if she deserves a spot in the top 36. This is the song I heard her sing on a youtube video and I thought she did better on the youtube. She has great vocals but missed some notes. Not sure if she did enough to make it through to the top 12!


Good not great vocals. He is real and passionate about the music! I think he might get through because America feels for him. I am not on the Scott band wagon yet though…maybe when we see more of him at the piano.


Can she sing?? The beginning actually sounded good, the middle part went south fast. This song is for a big voice and she doesn’t have it…it was really hard to listen to parts. I really hope America didn’t put her through.


He has a good voice, it is a big song and he sang it very well. The judge’s love him, don’t count him out!


Well we know Lil Rounds was the judge’s favorite since she was last for the evening. She sang very well but for some reason I was bored. She is the only one that I feel extremely confident is through to the next round!

To sum it up Lil Rounds will be the girl put through. The boy put through will most likely be Scott but Jorge or Ju’Not could get through. I think the third spot will be between Ju’Not, Felicia and unfortunately Kendall.

Who do you think is going through from this mediocre group?


Ok so now let’s discuss the Wild Card show again…I am so anxious to figure out how it is going to play out are they going to try to even it out with boys and girls???

In doing some research on season 1-3 (which were all done in this format) I have found some interesting things. Seasons 1 and 2 were both even with boys and girls BUT season 3 offered me great hope for my boy Matt! Let’s talk about Season 3. They were split up into 4 groups of 8 and 2 people were put through each night. When all 4 nights were done 6 girls had been put through and only 2 boys. For the Wild Card show the judges brought back 8 contestants (5 girls and 3 boys). The wild card show brought back 3 people from group 1, 3 people from group 3 and 2 people from group 4, which means none were brought back from group 2. Hopefully this means the judges brought back truly the contestants with the most talent and were not concerned about groups, gender etc. YAY!! The final 12 on season 3 consisted of 8 girls and only 4 boys!!!! YAY that means that it is possible that Matt gets through and maybe even Anoop!!! Who would be excited about that??? Also in previous wild card shows each contestant does sing a song. Now if they judges truly pick the best that were missed here is what I am thinking:

1. Ricky Braddy
2. Anoop Desai
3. Matt Giraud
4. Jessica Langeth
5. Megan Corkrey
6. Jorge Jimenz
7. Mishavonna Henson
8. Ju’Not Juyner
9. Nathaniel Marshall
10. Jackie Tohn
11. Arianna Afsar
12. Kristen McNamara

I pulled this explanation about the Wild Card round:

“In the Wild Card round, the fourth-place finishers from each of the three semifinal rounds will return, along with other eliminated semifinalists who are chosen by the judges. 12 previously-eliminated contestants will be chosen to compete in the Wild Card round. The judges will pick the 3 performers left that they consider the best. No voting by the public will be done at this stage.”
Thoughts and comments???

Also I wanted to say that I watched Reality Chat: American Idol last night and Jason Castro was the guest. He sang his new song Love Uncompromised and it was GREAT!!! I am a huge fan of his.


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Love the quote at the top by Brad. Love it and totally agree.