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Friday, March 27

Maybe I Am Not Crazy!

Grey’s Anatomy:

Since day one of Grey’s Anatomy I have loved Alex! I know what you are thinking, “Even while he was printing pictures of Izzie and hanging them up all over the locker room?” My answer is YES!! I have always really loved Alex’s character and thought he had so much going on inside and so much to offer… Often times these types of guys are just waiting for the right person to come along and peel back the layers, Alex found her!

Last night’s episode made me mad and I found myself yelling at the TV “Why is no one sitting with Izzie?” “Come on Alex, Step up!” “Seriously George, are you that selfish?” “Izzie would be the first one by your bedside waiting with any one of you” I knew Alex was having such a hard time processing everything and boys always want to be able to just fix things but he needed to step up and be there for Izzie. When the older woman told Alex “People are better than no people” it was exactly what he needed to hear. I love all the scenes with him after that, he is finally ready to commit to someone and wants to build a life with Izzie which breaks my heart because I am pretty sure Izzie is going to die. At this point I am just curious how everything is going to play out. I am ready for some more GREAT Alex/Izzie scenes that will take our breath away. My favorite scene of the night was when Alex stood by Izzie’s bed and tears were running down his face as he said “I am here Izzie.” I also loved when he crawled in bed with her and his conversation with Meredith in the on call room. Who still doesn’t like Alex???? I also wanted to say that the moment after Denny died and Alex scooped Izzie up into his arms and held her was one of my all time favorite Grey’s Anatomy scenes! (See below)

Other great Izzie/Alex Moments:

The next part of the episode I want to discuss is Cristina and Owen, I may be the only one but I really like the two of them together. What I love about Cristina is that she truly believes in the men she loves, she is always there to support and encourage them (sometimes she is a little too pushy –like when she pushed Burke to do surgery too soon). Owen is obviously struggling with some really deep issues and needs counseling. I loved how they called his issues a wound from the war, and it is. I can’t imagine going to war and then coming back and being the same, and obviously he had some really traumatic things occur while he was there. When Owen first arrived at Seattle Grace I was annoyed by him, and now I can’t wait to find out more about him. The scene where he was strangling Cristina was intense and really great TV, I thought both actors did a great job with the sensitive scene. I agree with Cristina when she told Meredith if he lost his arm, or leg I would stand by him this is a war wound too! However I really felt for both of them when they were laying in the on call room and Cristina said it wasn’t going to work because she was scared to fall asleep in his arms. I believe these two really love each other and they will find a way to work through it which is why Owen finally went to Derek for help, they will figure it out.

Some of you may want me to talk about the proposal but as most of you know I really don’t care much for the MerDer story lines…glad he proposed (it was semi-cute, but he still should have got on one knee). That is really all I have to say about that!

What did you think of last night’s episode? Do you love Alex as much as I do? Do you think the “big wedding” in the 100th episode will be Alex & Izzie?


Whitney said...

I really liked last night's episode. I was glad to see Meredith being so strong and believing in Derek. I liked the proposal, but I was confused about why he didn't get down on one knee and actually ask her.

I was also glad that Alex got it together at the end of the episode. That scene where he held Izzy after Denny died was by far my favorite scene, too.

I think it was probably good that Christina broke up with Owen. I don't think he would have sought help otherwise. Hopefully, he'll get some treatment and they'll be able to work things out.

On a more random note, it just occurred to me how strange it is that no one ever seems to have a boyfriend/girlfriend outside of the Grey's crew. I mean, I realize that's because we know those characters so well and I also understand the reality that doctors (especially surgeons) spend most of their time at the hospital. It just seems strange that no one ever dates outside the group. Am I wrong?

TBG said...

loved last week's episode! i agree with you totally... alex is precious-there are definitely times i thought he was a total ass and have thought "why did you say that?!!!" in the past, but i really like him with izzie and hope she lives. i still maintain my stance that she's a nut if she leaves the show. who leaves a hit show on purpose? lol. i thought the proposal was really sweet b/c it was thought out and about special mer-der moments. i agree... should have gotten on his knee! that was kind of arrogant.

alex was precious this last episode with lying with izzie in the bed... the whole process. "this isnt how izzie and i are supposed to make a baby." sigh... wouldnt it be great if it was their wedding 100th episode??

cristina and owen.... youre right. cristina really commits herself to her men and stands by them. i also liked how they talked about it being an injury and was great for them to bring to light to the public... so many soldiers come back and suffer in silence. i think they can work it out. it says a lot that he went to derek for help.

Sarah Beth said...

Ladies love the comments! Whit - I agree that it is weird that no one dates outside of the hospital and obviously it is a TV show BUT I think one thing that makes is more realistic for me is: I can imagine that a lot of surgens (especially residents) that don't already have a significant other going in would have a hard time meeting someone outside of the hospital. The only relationships we see that are outside of the four walls have been Chief and his wife, Bailey and her husband (and lets face it they aren't nearly as fun to watch), then there was Meredith and McVet. I definitely think it is strange that NO ONE dates anyone that they didn't meet in the hospital but then again it makes for good tv.

Taylor - My money is definitely on Alex and Izzie getting married, however there are new rumors out that Izzie may not be leaving so how weird would it be if those two were a married couple on the show.

TBG said...

yeah i think that would be an excellent twist! it would be kinda weird for them to be the married couple on the show!... i watched the alex/izzie clips that you posted... they are just soo great together! i'd forgotten all about their history... and how she was really the first one to befriend him. sigh.. :)

Shelley said...

Here is an idea...IF Izzy does leave the show. I doubt they will kill her. I bet, instead, Derek will have "saved her." Her life will be SO changed that she will want to quit Greys and go help people outside the hospital of some sort. (I mean, she almost did that once before with the Denny thing.)