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Friday, March 6

Wild Card Results

American Idol:

So I am going to run down last nights episode later but I wanted to go ahead and post the final results from last night. I posted the clip below of them announcing the final two into the top 13!! If your TiVo did like mine it cut off the end of the show bc they ran over and my TiVo has way to many things recording so it jumped to another station... DOH!

Top 13:

1. Danny Gokey
2. Michael Sarver
3. Alexis Grace
4. Adam Lambert
5. Kris Allen
6. Allison Iraheta
7. Scott MacIntyre
8. Jorge Jimenz
9. Lil Rounds
10. Jasmine Murray
11. Megan Corkrey
12. Anoop Desai
13. Matt Giraud!!!!! (YAY)

As you can tell I have an early favorite!!!! It will be interesting to see who goes home first my pre-performance guess would be Jasmine Murray or Michael Sarver but as we all know it just depends on the song choices!!!


KBeau said...

I heard Matt's performance last night, but I didn't see it because I was in another room. I thought he did great, but I have to agree with Simon on the outfit. I saw it at the end when they made the announcement. That was a little much.

Areta said...

Yea for my boy Anoop!!! I think I will still have to vote for Kris Allen since he's my Arkansas boy!

Whitney said...

I was so excited when they announced that they are having a Top 13! I was sad when Anoop didn't make the initial Top 12. Yay!!!