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Tuesday, March 3


The Bachelor:My head is going crazy right now, full of thoughts! The ONLY clear thoughts that I have right now are I like Melissa and Molly and I don’t like Jason!

Like many of you out there I fell into the temptation and read spoilers before last night’s show. However I tried hard not to read too many details but I definitely knew he was going to propose to Melissa and then change his mind and pick Molly. However I was not aware that Jason was going to dump Melissa on last night’s show OR that he would tell her that he wanted to pick Molly!!!! I have never been a huge Jason fan I think he is cheesy and over the top with the “good guy” routine. I think last night showed that he may not be quite the good guy that America had hoped.

I know, I know he signed a contract saying he would air all his relationship woes but I have to call BS on that!!! I think Jason could have waited until After the Final Rose to call things off with Melissa. I actually don’t blame him for the sparks dying after the camera stopped rolling I think this is something that happens a lot on the show… Let’s face it the real world is very different than the fantasy world they have been living in. I don’t even blame him for wanting to give his relationship with Molly a second shot BUT how he did it was just plain AWFUL!!! No matter what he says he COULD have just played it out with Melissa and broken it off with her after the final rose or broken up with her on the phone before hand and told her he was having doubts on his decision. SERIOUSLY he didn’t HAVE to do it that way…I am not buying it!

I am so sick of him right now that I don’t really even want to watch the second after the final rose tonight. I am pretty sure we are going to see Jason shed some more tears and try to convince America that he IS a good guy but for now I agree with Melissa “You are such a B******”

What did you think of all the drama on last night’s Bachelor?

Oh and did anyone see Jimmy Kimmel last night? I didn’t but I heard about it, Evangeline Lilly wouldn’t even sit next to Jason!!! You go GIRL!

Reality Steve’s INSIGHT on The Bachelor:

Ok so after I wrote my entire blog above I read reality Steve’s comments about last night’s show…if you haven’t already done so please click on the link below and see what he has to say. I can’t even go into everything he talks about but he has sources that told him the following facts:
Jason wanted to pick Molly from the very beginning (when there was 5 bachelorette’s remaining) and was talked into picking Melissa only to dump her on the After the Rose.
Melissa and Molly did not know about the scheme during the show. Melissa didn’t find out until the After the Rose last night.

Jason called Molly a few days after giving Melissa the final Rose to fill her in and let her know he picked her!

Jason moved up the “After the Rose” because he knew that Melissa was really falling for him and didn’t want to drag it out any longer.

ALL previous and current Bachelor/Bachelorette’s have signed a lifetime confidentiality agreement which essentially states that you can never give away the show secrets or else you can get sued for $5 million.

There are many more interesting bits on his website so check out the link below.

What effect do you think this will have on the future of The Bachelor?

America Idol:
The final 12 are performing tonight for a spot in the top 12! I am still pretty bummed out this week after Matt Giraud’s elimination so forgive me if I don’t seem as enthusiastic about this weeks performers. Lets look at the contestants:

Nathaniel Marshall – So DRAMATIC I am already tired on him.
Jorge Nunez- I don’t believe he has a shot at this point.
Ju’Not Juyner – He has had some great moments but his personality has not jumped off the screen. I picked him for my top 12 but I might be having second thoughts…
Lil Rounds – She is an early fan favorite. I am not a huge fan of hers yet she sings to loud for me but we will see.
Scott McIntyre- He is definitely talented but I am not sure he is as talented as many of our other contestants.
Kristen McNamara – ANNOYING!!!
Kendall Beard – I honestly think she just made it on because she is cute and I hope that America doesn’t vote for her based on that.
Felicia Barton – She took Joanna’s place (boo I really wanted to see her in the competition) but I have watched a couple YouTube’s of Felicia singing and she is actually better than a lot the of the contestants we have heard thus far.
Ariana Afsar – I am extremely interested to see her perform . She is young, cute and has great vocals. Will she fall apart on stage?
Taylor Vaifanua- Bored with her….
Alex Wagner-Truman- I don’t think he has a chance at this point.
Von Smith – TOO LOUD!

Ok so those are my brief thoughts on each contestant for this round. I think that the girls will be between Ariana, Lil, and Felicia and the Boys will be between Scott and Ju’Not.

What do you think???


Laura said...

Sarah...MOLLY!?! like molly!?!?!!?

Sarah Beth said...

I do like Molly. I liked Melissa more...I said Team Rycroft which is Melissa's last name. I liked them both!!! What is there not to like about Molly she is sweet, natural and never caused any drama. I liked her! The real problem here is JASON!!!!

Whitney said...

I haven't really watched much of the bachelor - we just flip over to it during the commercials when we're watching 24. However, we did watch parts of the end of the finale and the whole After the Rose show. I was soooo mad! I don't know much about either girl and I really could have cared less who he picked, but I could not believe someone would do that to another person on national TV. I was so hoping that Molly would tell Jason to hit the road. It was so obvious that he is just a smooth talker who will say whatever someone wants to hear. If I were Molly I'd be afraid he'd "follow his heart" again and treat me the way he treated Melissa. Melissa stole the words right out of my mouth!!!