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Tuesday, March 17

Why All the Dying???


I am going to warn my readers that I am going to talk about a lot of different shows in this blog involving characters dying. Some of these plots are already out in the open example Dr. Izzie Stevens but some are NOT!! So if you don’t want to know what shows are killing characters off DON’T READ THE REST OF THIS POST!!!! HOWEVER IF IT IS NOT IN THE OPEN I DON’T KNOW WHO IS DYING TI JUST KNOW SOMEONE IS DYING.

Many of my shows are so dark right now with so much death surrounding them, it is crazy that it all hit at one time. It started last week when Bill sacrificed himself on 24, and then it was followed by Izzie being diagnosed with a deadly cancer and now Peyton (One Tree Hill) will most likely die if she carries her baby full term. I know that some of these shows have had hype surrounding them about the stars not wanting to continue on the show, Katherine Heigl, TR Knight, Hillarie Burton, and Chad Michael Murray to name a few. Not surprising that the story lines on Grey’s Anatomy and One Tree Hill are starting to pave a road for an easy exit for all of these characters but the question remains will all these characters really leave??? I think it is inevitable that Izzie Stevens is leaving. I hate that she has to die though because I love Alex and hate that his character will have to overcome such extreme heartache. Will Peyton really die??? And if she does will Lucas leave town because he is so depressed OR are the writers opening a path for him and Brooke to find love again??? I personally think it would be weird for Brooke and Lucas to get back together after Peyton dies. Anyways we don’t know for sure that any of these characters will die but it seems pretty evident at this point.

Another show that will have a main character death is Desperate Housewives; they have been playing this one up for weeks. We know now that Edie will die and now the question is how, I think it is pretty clear that her husband, Dave will kill her but will it be an accident or will it be in cold blood? Also I am pretty sure we are going to find out soon that he is after the wrong person which I think means that Susan might have been driving the car the night of the accident OR that Mike is still in love with Susan (come on we all know this is true)! This Sunday we will see how the entire drama unfolds and the question on my mind is how sad will the residents of Wisteria Lane be when Edie passes??? If she had died a couple seasons ago I would say that the town would not feel much sorrow but Edie has made amends and I think it will hit Wisteria Lane hard.

Now I am going to move on to deaths that are somewhat spoilers however I don’t know any specifics on who will die but that someone will. Let’s start with the most popular: Lost! Many bloggers are spreading the news that 2 characters will die before the season is over one will be a major death and the other semi-major. My first instinct would be Desmond and Penny…Ben killed them! But everyone who watches Lost knows things are not always as they seem so I am thinking maybe Sun, Juliet, or Hurley dies, but I have nothing to support that. I am pretty confident that Kate, Jack, Sawyer, Sayid, Locke, and Jin are all going to make it through the season. The only reason I think that Jin is safe is because why would they have everyone sitting on the edge of their seat all summer and bring Jin back just to Kill him, that would be stupid. But how sad would it be if Hurley or Sun died??? I for one would not be that devastated if Desmond or Penny died, I know that is awful but if we have to make sacrifices those are easy ones to let go.

Next Prison Break: I have read that at least 2 main characters will die before the series ends…I personally think this sucks!!! These people have worked so hard on getting their lives back and helping others I hate for it to end in death for any of them. However now that I think about it I am sure T-bag will be one of the characters they kill off at the end, everyone has wanted his character to die since day one but secretly loved to hate him! I heard a dirty little spoiler that Michael will have to choose between Lincoln and Sara to save!?!?! Ugh I don’t like this AT ALL!!!!

So now the main question is why all the death??? And is it just a coincidence that ALL of my shows decided to kill off the characters at once??? I am thinking that part of it is timing….. Most of my shows have been around for several years and I think a few things are happening:

1. The actors are getting burnt out and ready to move on
2. The shows are trying to keep up ratings
3. It has always been part of the story line

What do you think about all the death??? Are you enjoying the story lines or does it make you want to stop watching??


TBG said...

i dont like all of the dying and think its a bad way to remove people bc then they can never come back unless its as flashbacks or a hallucination (ie: denny in Grey's which was just plain weird.) I dont want izzie to die b/c i like her and now that he's nicer, i like alex and, like you, dont want him to suffer. he's had enough to deal with in the past. as for peyton i think it's ridiculous. that show has always been dramatic, but this is overkill. i hope they dont kill peyton..we've waited way too long for she and lucas to get together.... why kill it now? i agree, brooke and lucas would be weird... i didnt like him at first, but im liking brooke with what's his name (peyton's old flame) from LA. i think all of these actors/actresses should get a grip and realize how great they have it to be on a hit show! sorry to sound mean... but come on people... youre complaining that you want to leave b/c youre burned out? that just means youre on a successful show-be grateful! :)