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Tuesday, March 17

A Little Bit Country

American Idol's theme tonight is "Grand Ole Opry" which is basically just country. I personally hate this theme night... Don't get me wrong I like Country music I listen to it from time to time and there are several Country singers that I really respect as artists: Rascal Flats, Martina McBride, The Dixie Chicks etc. However I think for the MOST part Country Music/Singers don't show much true talent. Most country music has a very similar sound and somewhat twangy I think it is proven in season's past that Country singers have a hard time singing anything but country but most "other" singers can probably sing country. I know that many American Idol fans will say "What about Carrie Underwood??" and she might be the exception to this rule, however I am still not completely SOLD on her talent. Anyways I am not looking forward to hearing tonight's song choices but the show must go on so here are my predictions for who will shine:

I think the "judges" favorites for the most part will do well: Danny, Alexis, and Lil
I think that the ones that will struggle will be: Anoop, Adam, Allison, and Scott

Ones to Watch tonight: Michael Sarver (this will be right up his ally), Megan (she could pull out some Allison Kraus or Dixie Chicks and could end up really shining), Matt (I feel like Matt could always really shine or he could bomb, so I will definitely be interested to see his pick), Kris (he has made good decisions since America has been voting and i think his voice is pretty "normal" which means he could probably cross genres easily).

I am definitely partial to some and don't like some, which plays into my opinions as much as I try to not let it sway my thoughts. I think that Adam and Allison have been way over hyped and I am ready for it to dye down... I think it definitely will in weeks to come but now I worry if they do get eliminated that the judges will "save" them. Also I think the judges really love Megan but I am not worried about her bc online polls say she is already one of the least favorites among America.

What are your thoughts on tonight's theme? Who do you think will shine?

Oh and no doubt someone will make the dreaded mistake of singing a Carrie Underwood song, which I can't see being a positive thing.


Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah Beth,
I totally agree, The country music theme is my least favorite. I like very few country songs and I do not think any of the contestants did well except for
Adam. I am looking forward to the results show tonight!

Sarah Beth said...

Hmmm Who is the anonymous person who likes Adam??? I really need to know. And you don't think that Matt did good???