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Wednesday, March 18

Top 11:

Once again I am going to list them in order from BEST to WORST performance:

1. Matt – Seriously I don’t think there is much to say but it was by far the best performance of the night. He showed how much potential he has and the great tone in his voice, not to mention how he can play the keys. I can’t wait until each week to hear what he sings. I agree with Simon when he said “I don’t think we have given you the praise you deserve.” AGREED!

2. Anoop – Great decision by Anoop to slow it down and show us what he could do. I agree with the judges that it was a great performance and one of the best because it was unexpected and it showed us a new side of Anoop. However the bar may have been set low so it surprise viewers next week will be a hurdle for Anoop (he better choose his song wisely).

3. Kris – I prefer Kris with the guitar but a lot of people loved this performance. I thought it showed us Kris has great vocals however I prefer him with strings in his hands.

4. Danny – This was a big undertaking bc it was Carrie Underwood (one of her most famous songs) and it had a lot of big moments in it. I thought Danny did great with the big parts but the slow parts he struggled a little but overall I enjoyed his performance and I enjoy him. Also I think he is so respectful and doesn’t TALK BACK to the judges which I hate.

5. Megan – Ok performance, she definitely has a unique tone that I enjoy but she really only can sing a hand full of notes. I am giving her a small break and some props for singing while sick.

6. Allison – She did a pretty good job vocally but she is becoming very forgettable.

7. Adam – Ok so I want to start by saying that Adam does have a very strong voice and he can hit very high notes. This version of Ring of Fire was a disaster!!! I absolutely hated every minute of it, the eyes and everything. I just don’t enjoy his style at all and I don’t see him selling records.

8. Alexis – I was super sad that Alexis fell so far this week and I am a little worried about her safety this week. When she started all I could think of was when Brooke White sung this song last year. Brooke White by no means is a better singer than Alexis but her version of Jolene was much more pure and the arrangement flowed. I loved Brooke White doing this song last year and I thought Alexis’ version felt forced and she missed a lot of notes. I really hope she hangs on for another week so we can see her try again.

9. Lil – I am so bored with Lil! I don’t think her vocals were bad but I don’t think she was good either.

10. Scott – Scott is a pianist and a great one but his vocals just don’t measure up!

11. Michael - This was not really even singing just talking fast…I know he wanted us to see his fun side but I don’t think he is going to last much longer no matter what.

My Prediction for the bottom three:


I hope Michael goes home but I honestly don’t have any idea. I don’t think the judges will be using their save tonight so it is bye bye someone!

What did you think of last nights performances?? Who's going home???


Areta said...

I love me some Anoop, Kris and Matt. A guy is totally winning this season! I think Allison is going home. I think Adam freaked me out!

Adam Jones said...

For two weeks in a row, Megan has chosen the worst songs, I would imagine, in the brief history of this show. I cannot believe she wasn't in the bottom three. Vote for the Worst must be her backup. She can sing, but she has done nothing to show she could actually be a pop star. A childrens singer, maybe, but then she has the awful tattoos down her entire right arm.

I agree that Adam's selection of that version of "Ring of Fire" was a bad choice, but - and I don't like his style - he along with Kris are the only ones I see being successful post-Idol.

katie said...

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