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Tuesday, March 10

Michael Jackson

American Idol

Ok so tonight's American Idol's theme is Michael Jackson. I have a bad feeling about this theme. Michael Jackson is such an Icon, maybe the King of all Icons... It is going to be a rough night I predict. However we know that some people have rocked some Michael Jackson songs in the past. My usual source has not been posting the song lists lately...I am waiting to see if he will post it before tonight's show (I will keep ya'll updated).

Here is Buddy TV's predictions:
Adam Lambert - Beat It (maybe bc that is what we all want him to do)

Michael Sarver - Billie Jean (I think this one will be hard to do after David Cooks wonderful rendition last season)

Danny Gokey - Heal the World

Kris Allen - Smooth Criminal (Too bad he sand Man in the Mirror already huh?)

Megan Corkrey - P.Y.T

Alexis Grace - The Way You Make Me Feel (I like this pick)

Anoop Desai - Beat It (I guess they are saying it is a toss up)

Allison Iraheta - Wanna Be Startin Something

Matt Giraud - Will You Be There

Lil Rounds - Bad

Jasmine Murray - Rock With You

Jorge Nunez - Remember the Time

Scott MacIntyre - She's Out of My Life

Also most websites agree that Michael Sarver and Jasmine Murray are predicted to be at the bottom of the pact this week. Ofcourse this always depends on the song choices and the performances that night but Michael and Jasmine need to really rock it tonight to have a fighting chance!


Dana said...

I agree! I will join you in cheering on Matt...I think he'll do well with this category. Kent is going to be so happy about the theme!

Sarah Beth said...

Will he be happy or will it irritate him when certain people ruin the songs???

Kent said...

Stop! you're both right. I like the category and figure to be irritated by the stinkers tonight.