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Wednesday, March 11

Catch UP!!

I have gotten very behind on my blog in general but especially on several of my shows out there, let me take a minute to catch up!

Gossip Girl Spin Off – “Lily”
The Spin-off is in full swing. Casting is going great for the show so far they have had several great people sign on for the show:

Lily will be played by Britney Snow (American Dreams)
Lily’s Father – Andrew McCarthy (Lipstick Jungle)

Keith Van der Woodsen – Matt Barr (One Tree Hill – Peyton’s Stalker)
Keith is set to play a love interest of Lily’s and judging by the last name my end up being the father of Serena (which is great casting by the producers because I would totally believe Matt as Serena’s father).

Dancing with the Stars:
I don’t watch this show but much like many other viewers I tuned into to see the heartbroken Melissa dance. Melissa did a great job given that she only had two days to rehearse, I definitely think Melissa is going to last a while in the competition. I believe it will be harder for her later in the season when some of the “Bachelor” drama dies down. I don’t think I will be watching again because this show irritates me, I am not invested in any of the people on the show and I don’t think they are very good dancers.
Melrose Place:
Melrose place is also in full swing with casting. So far they have cast:
Ashlee Simpson
Michael Rady (Greek)

Katie Cassidey (Supernatural)

And to most fans excitement Heather Lockler will MOST likely be reprising her role as Amanda for atleast a few episodes. Also there are still rumors that Mischa Barton might join the cast.

Are you excited about the Melrose remake??

American Idol:

I am going to start listing them in order from best performance to worst performance of the night as I critique them:

1. Adam
Let me preface by saying I am NOT an Adam fan and I was NOT blown away by his performance if anything it made me so angry! The judges praise Adam as if he was actually Michael Jackson, I am so annoyed by the OVER praise they give him. However all that being said if I just watched his performance without listening to the judges praise him I think I would have agreed that overall he gave one of the best if not the best performance of the evening. He didn’t seem quite as dramatic last night as usual and he sounded better than past performance (I didn’t feel like he was screaming AS much). Also I am going to give him props on a great song choice…this is a familiar song to viewers but it is not as untouchable as “Beat It” “Bad” “Thriller” etc… Also from other articles I have read this performance was much better in person. So I give Adam the top spot this week but TRUST me he will not receive it week after week!

2. Matt
I am biased already and it is just week one of the finales but I can’t get enough of Matt on stage. I think he is so naturally talented. I love the tone to his voice and when he plays the piano while singing there isn’t anyone on the show that can touch him. I wanted to put him first on my list because I actually enjoyed his performance more than rest but I am trying to be impartial. I think Matt can SELL records he has a Justin Timberlake vibe to him but with a little more blues and less pop! I can’t wait to see more performances from him.

3. Danny
I was not familiar with this song (PYT) but I loved how it showed off Danny’s scratchy voice. Danny is extremely lovable and he will be here for a while. I want to also note that he did not discuss his wife tonight and American Idol didn’t say anything about it either…I think they are going to be extra careful about it now because of all the controversy however it makes me a little sad for Danny that he is unable to grieve the way that he may want to! But I am glad that American Idol has backed off a little. I loved Danny’s performance and I thought the dancing was endearing.

4. Alexis
I definitely think the judges didn’t give Alexis the praise she deserved she rocked Dirty Diana…I agree with Paula that she has to watch “over singing”. She has a big voice but she needs to make sure it is a controlled voice. I love Alexis and can’t wait to see more of her.

5. Lil
I am not sure what it is about Lil but she rubs me the wrong way…All that being said I thought she started off the show strong. It may have been a safe performance but I have to admit when given the challenge of Michael Jackson it isn’t a bad thing to lean towards “safe”. Good Job Lil but I hated her “mom” pants.

6. Kris
Well I am going to be the first to admit that I got a bad taste in my mouth during the top 36 because honestly I felt he had taken Matt’s place! However now that they are both in the top 13 I am glad! I liked Kris’ performance last night and I am glad that he brought out his guitar (I don’t know what it is but for some reason when someone plays an instrument I feel like they have more creditability) it really made his performance much better. Kris seems much more at ease with his guitar than before. Kris is definitely the heart throb for the tweens this season!

7. Allison
Allison has a great voice and I thought she handled the song well...I am not familiar with this song choice so I don't know what to compare it to but I think she did good. Allison hit a peek last week and it will be interesting to see if she has already given her best performance...

8. Anoop
Ok so I know that “Beat It” is Iconic, but I actually thought Anoop did really well!! I thoroughly enjoyed his performance. It was upbeat and fun and he had so much passion in his performance. I disagree with Kara that it felt disconnected…I felt that he connected with the audience. America loves Anoop and he will be around for a while.

9. Michael
Michael had a pretty good vocal performance but I felt it was pretty boring and forgettable. I don’t agree with Randy that it was the best of the night I am pretty sure Danny went before him and Lil and I thought both of them out shined Michael. I think Michael could be in trouble tonight and if not tonight definitely in weeks to come.

10. Megan
When Megan started singing I thought this was one of the smartest song choices of the night!!! I was so curious how Megan was going to pull off a MJ song but this was a great song for her to sing. I actually give her props for going out of her 5 note range and showing us something different, I was happy to hear it! However all that being said it wasn’t a great vocal and her whole appearance felt fake. I think she will make it through to next week but she needs to be careful the people that love her probably love her for her unique voice that she didn’t show much of last night.

11. Scott
I hate that I don’t love Scott because I think he is a really sweet guy and has overcome a lot in his life but I just don’t think he has the chops. I think he plays the piano beautifully and it is definitely a joy to watch him in his element but I don’t see him vocally competing with any of the top 7 on my list. He may make it through several more weeks but there will definitely be an exit for Scott in the future.

12. Jasmine
As most of you know I am not a big Jasmine fan. I really don’t like when girls come on the show and sing ballad after ballad. The one time that she sang an upbeat song it was AWFUL!! I think this shows she doesn’t have much depth to her vocals. She always feels like she is not quite on top of each note and that it is a struggle to hit any notes. She is young so I will cut her some slack but she doesn’t deserve to be in the top 12.

13. Jorge
So bored that I didn’t even watch the entire performance, it was on but I completely zoned out. I think Jorge hit his peek last week and he probably will be going home tonight. If he makes it through tonight I don’t think we will see much longer.

At the end of the show Ryan announced that there would be a twist tonight on the elimination and I haven’t seen any rumors about what this might be…he said it has to do with the judges. This has me very intrigued. Some are speculating that two contestants will be sent home but I don’t see how that changes everything so dramatically! Any ideas??

This is how Buddy TV Ranked their performances last night:

1. Adam
2. Matt
3. Danny
4. Alexis
5. Allison
6. Lil
7. Kris
8. Megan
9. Jorge
10. Scott
11. Anoop
12. Jasmine
13. Michael

What do you think of the rankings?? Who do you think was the top performer??


Carrie said...

I feel the same about Scott! Also I think Jorge might be around a long time. He has basicaly a whole country voting for him (or territory). It might give him some staying power. Kris was my favorite last night. I think he put his own twist on it. And I like that kind of music.

katie said...

sb - so glad i have gotten to see you twice in one week! :) so i found your blog, i LOVE gossip girl, and didn't know they were doing a spinoff! so what is it about? just lily? and i also didn't know melissa was on dancing wt stars... thanks for the info! :)
katie compton
ps - totally think the bachelor ending was staged by the way...

katie said...

ps - what ever happened to lipstick jungle? did it just go off the air?

Christa said...

SB -- this is the first season that i've acutally watched Dancing with the Stars ... my obsession with Shawn Johnson and with Chelsea from "So you think you can dance?" made it hard to resist ... Go Shawn!!