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Thursday, March 26

Top 10 Motown Week:

My run down from best to worst performances from Motown week:
1. Allison – Papa was a Rolling Stone – I must say that when she started I was not too impressed but by the end of the song she hit it out of the park! She has such a strong voice and stage presence for ANY age. For some reason that I can’t put my finger on she isn’t connecting with the viewers. I think she is the Carly Smithson of this season but Carly was my favorite last season and Allison is definitely not my favorite of the season but she was last night!!

2. Adam – Tracks of My Tears – I love love love this song! So Adam is slowly winning me over, I am not sure at what point I stopped loving Adam…I know when he auditioned for American Idol I loved him, he sang “Bohemian Rhapsody” and it was wonderful, but somewhere along the way he lost me. I think it was all the crazy performances… But last week I thought vocally he was very strong and this week he again hit notes that were crazy. The reason I have Adam so high this week is because he surprised me…he slowed it down, took of the make-up and crazy faces and we saw pure Adam sing and I liked it. .. Don’t get me wrong I kind of hope we see the old Adam back next week because that is who he is but it was nice to see the range he has as a performer. He is definitely working his way up my list!

3. Matt – Let’s Get it On – We all know I love Matt Giraud this season! I thought Matt did a solid job last night, not as good as last week but I enjoyed that he got up from the piano and showed off his vocals…However I prefer him behind the piano, he is just smooth when he is back there. A lot of polls have Kris ranked ahead of Matt this week but I personally love the soul to Matt’s voice so that is why he is ranked higher on my list. (Please comment below if you disagree with me).

4. Kris – How Sweet It Is- Kris is a solid performer, week after week he is going to bring solid performances..I have no doubt. I think he has a smooth voice that is easy on the ears…Also I love when he is behind the guitar…The only complaint I have about Kris is that I don’t feel him…when he sings I don’t hear his soul… I know that might sound weird but contestants like Matt, Danny, Adam, Allison, Alexis, even Anoop it is like I can feel the passion they have and it just burns through the TV but I don’t get that with Kris…I am just hoping one of the weeks coming up Kris will bring that to the table. (Once again please comment below if you disagree).

5. Danny – Get Ready – This performance was the same as any Danny performance there wasn’t anything unique to it. Danny needs to slow it down and do something that shows off his vocals…I was really wanting him to do Boys II Men last night (End of the Road) or something.. But Danny is definitely one of the competitors that is in it to win it so I think we will see some more sides to Danny coming up if not I believe the viewers might start to get bored.

6. Anoop – Ooh Baby Baby – I thought Anoop’s voice was very good and he hit some great notes but I agree with Simon that it felt like he was going to sleep on stage… It was boring to watch and listen to. Just because it is slow doesn’t mean it has to be boring, Anoop did a great slow song last week and kept my attention. I agree with Randy now that Anoop needs to pick it back up and show us the soul, voice and fun side all together.

7. Lil – Heat Wave- Lil has a good voice no denying it but she is getting lost in the competition. She isn’t showing anything special. I just don’t LOVE her but she is good.

8. Michael – I actually thought Michael did ok and I just LOVE his attitude…he is such a sweet guy that seems so grateful to be there. However I don’t think he has the chops to make it much further…It is quite possible that tonight Michael will say goodbye. The reason I have him above Scott and Megan is because he didn't make me want to fast forward and the other two did!

9. Scott – You Can’t Hurry Love- I hate to say it, really I do but Scott definitely needs to go ASAP. Scott doesn’t have great vocals or “artistry.” I would not go buy his record…nor do I know anyone who would. I really like Scott and I am glad he made it on tour because I think he deserves that but his road must end very soon.

10. Megan – For Once in My Life – This song was so out of Megan’s RANGE… as I have said before Megan only has about 6 notes that she sings well and none of those notes were in this song…My husband makes fun of me and is like “Which six notes?” The truth is I don’t know but there is a certain range that she sings very well and has cool tone but when she isn’t singing those songs it isn’t pretty… When Kara said she should have sung My Girl I was like “YES that would have been perfect.” Megan is in trouble this week but will probably make it through so she needs to start picking better songs to keep her around.

Overall I really enjoyed last night’s episode and I actually think that my bottom three this week will be the bottom three tonight (I think America will get it right). I think Scott is in danger tonight but it could be any of the three. Did anyone else notice that every contestant “Blew Smokey Away.” :)

Who was the best last night?? Who is going home???


Laura said...

I agree with you on just about everything! faves are Danny, Matt and Kris. I would be okay with a lot of people going home. I am thinking Lil or Michael will go tonight...we'll have to see!

Kent said...

I vote Kara to go home...SB, hope your heart didn't stop when they had Matt in the bottom 2.

Sarah Beth said...

It may have stopped for a minute... WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!