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-Christina, Parenthood

Thursday, June 18

SYTYCD Top 18:

I am ranking the couples by “couple” it depends on how well the couple does as a whole and also the chemistry etc. Let’s just get down to the ranking.

1. Karla & Jonathan – Contemporary
The chemistry these two had was great and believable. I loved all the lifts and intricate moves, they really put on a great performance.

2. Auska & Vitolio- Waltz
I was so glad these two did so well this week. I was so disappointed after last week’s Broadway number and this week they did not disappoint. I thought they really drew us in to the dance and made me love this ballroom number. I felt their emotions and thought it was beautiful.

3. Brandon & Jeanette – Disco
This was one of the first disco dances that I can really remembering liking. I thought the dance was really good and looked very fast and very hard!

4. Max & Kayla – Pop Jazz
This dance that Brian created was wonderful. I really enjoyed the style and unique moves. If I were judging on individual performances then Kayla may have taken number 1, she was GREAT! However I think Max looked awkward and I didn’t feel a connection throughout the entire performance. It was still very entertaining.

5. Melissa and Ade – Jazz
Sonja’s dances are always kind of “dirty” for a lack of a better word. I loved her Jazz piece last year by Mark & Courtney. I thought Ade did really well and was believable, Melissa however was not. I didn’t think she got “dirty” enough. In my opinion Melissa looked like a ballerina trying to do Jazz.

6. Randi & Evan – Jive
I actually enjoyed this dance while watching it but the reason it is ranked so low is because it wasn’t memorable and it wasn’t one of the ones I wanted to go back and watch again. I love these two and think they will go far in the competition but there Jazz routine last week was much better!

7. Caitlin and Jason- Hip Hop
I was so excited that these two got a Shane Sparks emotional routine and then they were so mediocre. Caitlin was really cheesy and didn’t look hip hop at all. Also during the first half of the dance, pretty much until her dance break, she just walks around not doing any dance moves. Every week the moves in her performances that impress me the most are the gymnastic moves which I am starting to wonder if that is all she has?!?!?

8. Kupono & Ashley – Hip Hop
I agreed with Lil C that Ashley actually did a pretty good job and looked more “hip-hop” then I expected her to. I also thought she hit all the moves better than Kupono but either way this wouldn’t have been one of my favorites this week.

9. Phillip & Jeanine- Tango
These two dropped from first to last over the course of one week. Last week Phillip was in his element with hip hop and this week he had one of the hardest styles tango. I thought the two looked uncomfortable and like they were counting out the entire dance (especially Phillip). It did not flow well and I totally noticed Phillips facial expressions when he was lifting Jeanine, he has such an animated face he will have to work on that. I am not worried about these two though I think America loves Phillip.