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Wednesday, June 3

Mike's Top 10 Tear Jerkers

I was called out in the comments of SB's last blog entry so I figured I would contribute my own Top 10 Tear Jerker Movies. So here we go, everyone gets to see the softer side of Michael. Please keep in mind that I tend to be a little more on the emotional side of things...Here we go!

Alright you ask and you shall receive. Sarah Beth will tell you that I am a pretty big winer when it comes to Movies and even some TV. I will give you a rough Top10.


10. Steel Magnolias - It had been a while since I had seen this but it came on the other day. I turned it on right when Sally Field is at the grave site with her friends. WOW! Sally Field rocked my world with this emotional scene.

Sally at her finest...

9. House of Sand and Fog- This has probably one of the saddest most horrible scenes ever. There is not a big emotional climax leading up to the scene. The scen more or less just comes up and hits you smack in the face. Not a great movie at all but one hell of a sad ending. I couldn't find a video to go with this one and I am kind of glad. This was probably the most depressing of any of the movies on this list and maybe the most depressing movie of all time...

8. My Girl- my wife had to remind me but when she did it was a no brainer...I can remember watching this one with my family. We all made fun of how much my mom was crying in the movie. Little did I know that I would soon follow in her ways of crying during movies...

Set you up...the Kiss.

Bring you down...the funeral.

7. Million Dollar Baby - Who would have guessed that I would be crying through a scene with Clint Eastwood and a very manly Hilary Swank? This is the emotional climax type of tear jerker.

Great story leads up to a beautiful tear jerker scene.

6. Pursuit of Happyness - The scene where they sleep in the bathroom. Anyone with any type of father figure must get teared up right here. A father who would do anything for his child...

5. Armageddon - You go from what appears to be the end of a romantic relationship to one of the most dramatic ways for a father to tell his daughters boyfriend that I approve of you. And wait, I will die in your place...

4. I am Sam - Here we go folks. Sean Penn is all I have to say about this. Also, give the man his freaking daughter already. Amazing!


3. The Notebook - That's right. I said it. I am not ashamed to admit it. I will go as far as saying that it is the greatest love story ever told. I love the scene in the rain where he tells her that he wrote her everyday for a whole year but...the scene that took the cake for me is when she has a lapse where she remembers Noah and they dance. She comes out of it fairly quickly and begins to panic...tears.....

Great Video of clips from the happens to be set to one of my favorite songs so I included it...

Why didn't you write me?

Slow Dance _ I couldn't a good video of this scene so you will have to watch the movie.

2. Rudy - Come on folks. This is the greatest sports story of all time. When the kid finally gets in with the crowd, players, coaches, etc. all chanting his name. His father and brother in the stands and his best friend from the maintenance crew in attendance. He not only gets in but he makes a play. How can you possibly hold back the tears...Also, did I mention that it is a true story?

1. Glory - One line says it all..."Give em hell '54!" This all black regiment walks past the all white regiment to the front line to go to the front lines of one the battles that helped to turn the Civil War. At the end of the movie as the music plays in the background....tears will flow. Again, based on a true story. favorite movie of all time. So many good actors. I should also mention the scene with Denzel being beat by a whip...WOWZERS! Amazing movie....Here are a few of my favorite scenes from the movie. I just watched them before I posted and teared up at my desk...

The Whipping Scene with Denzel...

The Last night- Oh My Lord Lord Lord...

"Give em Hell 54!"

Honorable Mention:

Old Yeller - great movie and very sad. Too many newer better movies that kept it from being on the list. Probably the saddest movie that I remember from my childhood.

Step Mom - Great story but kind of cheesy movie. Still made me cry...

Dead Man Walking - this movie is sad for so many reasons. It might be one of the most compelling movies that I have ever seen. Just saw it this past year even though it has been out for quite some time now.

Shawshank Redemption - One of my favorite movies of all time but it just wasn't enough of a tear jerker.


Kent said...

great idea!
No order:
Million Dollar Baby wrecked me emotionally.
Forrest Gump (at the grave...he's so proud of little Forrest)
Field of Dreams (I'll get misty at the end)

But Rudy will ALWAYS do it for me. I always tear up when the music swells up and he brings the qb down.
Random one unique to just me I think:
Rocky 4 when the corner man yells, "You cut HURT him! You SEE?! He's NOT a machine! He's a MAN!" I think the tears welling up when that happens is more out of wanting to go run through a brick wall.

Last note: you didn't list Passion of the must not be a Christian...

KBeau said...

Good job, Michael. I'm glad I called you out.