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Thursday, June 4

Vegas Baby!!

So You Think You Can Dance:

I don’t even know where to start….I am so disappointed with this season so far, last night was the worst! Let me take a few minutes to explain why. We have only gotten to know a few dancers this season with them showing the auditions and following up with them and MOST of the ones we have gotten to know have already been CUT!!!! I am so disappointed that Natalie was cut last night and am still somewhat in shock….I think there must have been something else that happened. I seriously wanted to stop watching when they sent Natalie packing after ONE bad routine and they let Gabi Rojas keep sticking around one bad routine after another… WHY DO THEY LET CERTAIN PEOPLE HAVE SECOND CHANCES??? I was so confused why people like Gabi, Caitlin, Tony, and Silky got the opportunities to “dance for their life” or redo a routine when someone like Natalie who is probably better than most of them, they KNOW this since they almost picked her for the top 20 last season, messed up once and went home. I am still bewildered by the elimination. Ok so now let’s move off that soap box and take a look at the others that we got o know during audition round:

Natalie Reid – Katee’s roommate from last season who was number 11 out of the girls. CUT

“Silky” – The taper from Memphis that also could bust a move. CUT

Nobuya Nagahama The cute popper that couldn't speak great English. CUT

Megan Kinney – One of the two sisters. CUT

Bianca Revels – The “best” girl tapper that didn’t make it last season . CUT

Gabi Rojas – The “best” and most unique soloist. CUT

Anna Dunn – Her dad committed suicide, she “moved her head to much” and Lil C told her to use her tragedy to be a better dancer. CUT

Mario Flake – The cop from Memphis. CUT

Priscilla Marrero – Injured when she was 15 but keeps dancing and says “she is dancer” the judges raved about her in her first audition. CUT

Lauren and Lydia Guerra – The twin sisters that “finish each other’s sentences” and they scared them that they both wouldn’t make it to Vegas but they did. CUT

Talia Rickards – Husband was killed in a motorcycle accident a year earlier. CUT

Travis Prokop – The coach’s son… CUT

Sammy Ramirez – The wrestler that was trained by the gang member that is now in prison. CUT

Arielle Coker – Mother in bad car accident and still recovering. Also know as partner to Phillip Chbeeb. CUT

So after that the question is who is left?

Here are the ones I know are still in the game: (Means we don't know anything about them)

1. Asuka Kondon (Ballroom Dancer)
2. Caitlin Kinney (One of the sisters)
3. Kayla Rdornski
4. Janette Manrara (Ballroom Dancer)
5. Jeanine Mason
6. Paula VanOppen
7. Melissa Sadwig
8. Karla Garcia
9. Randi Strong-Evans
10. Danielle Peig –(I think she may be a break dancer)
11. Ashley Valero
12. Diane Vaden

13. Paris Torres (Ballet Dancer that won some pageant)
14. Pauline Mata

There are several videos of Paula Van Oppen on youtube in competitions and she looks good. There is also a youtube of Pauline Mata and she looks good as well. (Both girls look to be contemporary dancers)


1. Philip Chbeeb (poper from last season)
2. Tony Bellissimo (the one that used Nigels face during his performance & who cried a lot)
3. Ricky Sun (Ballroom dancer who partners Asuka)
4. Maksim Kapitannikov
5. Brandon Bryant (Last years number 21 that Mia is not "impressed" with)
6. CJ Tyson
7. Alex Wong (the asian guy that is very good contemporary)
8. Pono Aweau (The Hawaiian boy we have scene a few bits of)
9. Evan Kasprzak (One the Broadway brothers)
10. Ryan Kasprzak (The other Broadway brother)
11. Jason Glover
12. Brandon Dumlao
13. Henry Rivera
14. Ade Obayomi (youtube of him doing contemporary)
15. Jonathan Platero
16. Vitolio Jeune

As you can see we don’t know most of the 32 left and it will interesting to see who they put in the top.

I am not attached to many of the dancers but I hope Phillip, Caitlin, Evan, and Pono make it through. It looks as though Evan and Ryan will be the final two standing and only one of the brothers will make it. My money is on Evan!

What did you think of last nights episode?


Whitney said...

I too was disappointed when they cut Natalie based on one dance. I was especially disappointed since they based it on a contemporary dance. I'm not a huge fan of contemporary and I feel like many people look sort of awkward and weird doing it. Therefore I hate that they would send her home based on that alone. And really I didn't think she was as bad as they made her out to be. I think there were worse dancers in that routine that made it. I do hope that Caitlin, Brandon, and both of the Kasprzak brothers make it into the top 20 tonight.

Carrie said...

I hate they let Natalie go and mad about all the same points! I hope the brothers get in and brandon. I am not yet attached to any girls. I feel like the judges are making choices based on expectations only and not preformance.

TJ said...

Im dissapointed that they cut pauline cuz she shouldve been in the top twenty and its pretty messed up cuz i didnt get to see pauline that much