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"Our daugher sucks at driving, thats the problem so butt out."
-Christina, Parenthood

Monday, June 1


Well my husband and me did the unthinkable and added a new show to our list this past weekend. Several of our friends have been trying to get us to watch Friday Night Lights and we finally folded. Friday night I went to blockbuster to rent season 1 and they didn’t carry it, so I went to Hollywood video (knowing full well since blockbuster didn’t have it they wouldn’t have it) and then we decided to go to Wal-Mart to see how much it was to purchase season 1 and it was only $14.99!!! So we bought season 1 and 2 and went home and got started. We finished 8 episodes this weekend and are well on our way to being hooked.

We aren’t quite to the point of encouraging others to watch it just yet…some shows we immediately encourage others to watch such as Lost and Prison Break (if you haven’t seen either of those shows you should watch them for sure)!

Anyways a couple of thoughts right out of the gate: (DON’T READ IF YOU DON’T WATCH THE SHOW)

The Taylor family seems pretty solid, I love the dynamic between all of them. I love how Tami puts Eric in his place and her quick wit. I also love the interactions between daughter and parents. They seem like the real substance of the show which is probably good since the students will slowly graduate right?!?!?

Next Michael and I are having a hard time digesting the relationship between Lyla, Tim, and Jason. The whole situation makes us want to stop watching but we are pressing on! Seriously though Jason has just been paralyzed and his best friend sleeps with his girlfriend. Seriously?!?!? However I know this makes for good television and this could be somewhat realistic since the two may be leaning on each other for comfort and support, however it is very difficult to watch unfold.

Buddy Garrity – I really despise his character I am well aware that there are boosters out there that have a lot of control over high school sports and care that much about it but I HATE watching it! I honestly want to fast-forward every scene he is in!! I really want him off the show ASAP but Michael keeps telling me he thinks he will be around for a while, unfortunately I think he is right. Ugh!

So far I love Matt Saracen he has such a sweet innocence about him that really draws you in, dare I say a “Seth Cowen” vibe. I hope he stays sweet and bashful even though he has become QB1. I also really like Julie Taylor and have already commented on the relationship she has with her parents. I am super excited that her and Matt are about to go on a date I see it somewhat like Summer and Seth (I know it is nothing like the OC but that couple could be similar). I must also comment that she is such a bad dancer I am not sure why they made that her passion, but it is entertaining to watch.

My husband loves Grandma Saracen, he thinks she is funny. I am somewhat indifferent to her. Other characters I haven’t decided on Smash (right now I don’t think I like him), Tyra (I almost feel sorry for her), Landry and Billy Riggins.

I mentioned early Lyla, Tim and Jason but let me talk a little more about their characters:

Lyla – She is way too perky for my liking but she is starting to mellow out some, the first few episodes I really wanted to through something at her. My opinion of her will probably change a lot in the next few episodes and how she chooses to handle the situation with Jason and Tim now that Jason found out. Plus it is always a negative thing to have Buddy as your father, gross!

Jason – Funny thing is at first I really didn’t like him, I guess I thought they were making him out to be the “jock” of the show but then shortly after that I recognized something bad was going to happen to him. Ofcourse after the accident I felt so bad for him and I have been Team STREET ever since. Also I admire the way he has handle everything (yes I realize it is a TV character). His story line also parallel’s Remember the Titans a little too closely for my liking.

Tim – Ok so he is the hardest for me because I have so many mixed feelings about him… At first he was the character I was most drawn towards (I always gravitate for the bad boys- Sawyer, Chuck, Pacey, Alex) but then we he sleep with his best friends girl it was so hard for me to feel for him. I really do feel badly for him because of his family situation and because the one person he counted on, Jason, got hurt but when he didn’t go to the hospital for so long that made me so angry. I know he was probably just wishing it didn’t happen and when he went to the hospital it made it real BUT that is selfish because Jason has to deal with it and having his best friend there would have probably helped him! Anyways the verdict is still out on Tim for me.

Overall I am enjoying the show not quite as die hard yet as fellow viewers but I probably will get there it just depends on how the story lines unfold.

**Also how unrealistic is it that Matt had like never thrown the ball with the team or anything, I am pretty sure they have some sort of back-up quarterback. Of course most teams don’t anticipate their player getting paralyzed but you would anticipate a broken ankle or torn ACL right?!?!?


Kent said...

proud of you guys! I'm not going to spoil it, but the date has one of the most memorable moments of the show in it, and after I saw it, I was never turning away from the show.

Carrie said...

Adam and I love FNL, its one of our favorite shows. Reading your comments about it, I think you will love the way things develop in the next seasons!