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Friday, March 25

The Judges SAVE!

Here are some of my thoughts on the judges save and saving Casey Abrams. First let’s take a look at what happened last night again: (I love how Ryan Secrest does not know what to do)

I love the idea of the judges save. We have seen some people in the past go home too early because of an off week or simply because America assumed they would be safe. Let's take a look back at the contestants that got voted off too early and are the reason why they started the judges save:

Should they have used the save this early??? They should only use the save this early if it is someone who has the potential to win or someone who America will truly be just as shocked as the Judges that they got voted off. So yes I love that they used the save this early. At this point there are only a couple that I think they should have used the save for Casey or James. I honestly think if it had been anyone else they should have gone home at this point but I am sure if Pia had been in the bottom they would have saved her as well.

Some many may still question using the save this early and here is my response to that:

It was NOT his time to go home. Now that the judges have used their one and only save then America needs to get it right from this point on…I guess I need to start voting : )

Were you shocked at last night’s results? Are you glad they used the save on Casey?