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"Our daugher sucks at driving, thats the problem so butt out."
-Christina, Parenthood

Thursday, March 24

American Idol Top 11:

MOTOWN WEEK - a lot of people are talking about how great this week was well I am not sold. There weren’t many performances I loved but on the flip side there weren’t many I hated either. This week my favorites have been all moved around and my top spots are given to people that are far from my favorites. Let’s take a look:

1. JacobYour All I Need to Get By -I must admit Jacob’s past performances have rubbed me wrong and I wasn’t really paying much attention until the end of the song when he did “as brothers you got me…” and then I found myself rewinding it three times to see it! It was a moving and wonderful performance. I loved that he controlled his voice for most of the song and he belted only when he needed to. It was my favorite of the night!

2. JamesLiving for the City- Well James has rubbed me wrong in past weeks bc he seems cocky after he sings. After speaking to a friend who works with adults with aspergers she informed me that this could be due to his lack of social skills. So I am cutting him a break. I thought he did really well and I am starting to warm up to him.
3. CaseyI Heard it Through the Grapevine- He is getting kind of repetitive or something but I still like him!
4. Lauren - You Keep Me Hanging On- A lot of rankings have her really low but I thought she sounded great but I feel she has still has so much more potential
5. Scotty- For Once in My Life- He has something over me and it is hard not to like his performances, especially that low note like JLo pointed out. I like that he is taking risks with the range in his songs but I would love for him to go back to the low voice next week.
6. Paul The Tracks of My Tears – I really like Paul and his voice but I am beginning to think AI is not really the place for him. I hope he stays around a few more weeks and is able to pick up a deal for his band bc I bet with his band singing his own songs he is awesome. I love the song he sang this week but I have to admit I was thinking back to Adam Lambert’s performances a couple season ago and I think Adam won:

7. StefanoHello – I am starting to have the same problem with Stefano as I do with Pia. I think he has a great voice and he is pretty likable but his performances are getting boring week after week.
8. HaleyYou've Really Got a Hold on Me- I thought she was better this week and I still love her voice. I had such high hopes for her this week given the MoTown theme but I just think she still needs to pick better songs.
9. PiaAll in Love is Fair- I know the girl can sing but she puts me to sleep week after week…SO BORING!
10. ThiaHeat Wave – I didn’t give her the bottom spot because at least she did something upbeat and her voice sounded good but something about her on stage is still so blah…not sure what she needs to do. My over all thought once again is pick better songs.
11. NaimaDancing in the Streets - A lot of rankings have her listed pretty high this week. I did think she hit her notes better this week but I still think she is all over the place and her voice isn’t as strong as others in the competition.

I still think the bottom three will be Naima, Haley, and a toss-up between Paul/Thia. I personally think it should be Thia but she does seem to have a following.

What did you think of MoTown week? Did you love it as much as everyone else I heard or are you similar to me and just thinking it was ok?