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Thursday, March 17

AI Top 12 Performance Rankings:

Overall I was disappointed with this week’s performances I just feel like there are so many people that aren’t making good song choices and aren’t living up to their potential. Even so here is my run down from last night and who I think is likely in the bottom three:

1. Stefano – I am not the hugest Stefano fan bc I just don’t like hearing cheesy ballads over and over but you got to give it up for the only one that really seems to hit every note last night!

2. Lauren- Ahhhh back to the girl I love. I love this song choice and she did make it a little country but I see her singing this style music more than country or maybe I just want her to!

3. Casey – I love him so it is hard for him to do wrong. This was a bold song choice since this song is ICONIC! I agree with Jlo that some parts felt more screamed but overall I enjoyed his performance. It was one of the few non-ballads which is a nice change.

4. Scotty – I think this guy does a great job of picking songs. I actually didn’t love his song choice last week for his voice (it was a little big) but I love The River and he didn’t do badly. Travis Tritt is PERFECT for him. I thought this was an excellent song choice.

5. Pia – Ok I am finally convinced that she can sing (even though her voice isn’t my favorite) but I did not like this song choice but atleast it was a little more up tempo.

6. James – It was just ok for me.

7. Paul – I really like his voice but I am confused why he doesn’t slow it down and get his guitar out….At first I thought it was because he wasn’t allowed but Casey used his bass last night.

8. Haley – I really like her voice but this song didn’t showcase her vocals, it was just the wrong song choice for her

9. Jacob – I thought he was “pitchy” the entire song plus it is hard to not compare it to these performances of “Alone”

10. Naima- I am so on the fence with her

11. Karen – I just think something is boring about her performances. What happen to the girl in Hollywood with the wacky hair:

12. Thia – I really like her but her performances are just getting very repetitive and VERY BORING! We want this Thia back:

Bottom Three:
Karen, Thia, and Haley (but unfortunately Paul could be on the chopping block as well or Naima). It is a tossup who is going home because Haley and Karen were in the bottom three last week which usually means that there fans get worried and vote more so that might mean Thia is in trouble.


Samantha said...

Sarah Beth, I agree with your rankings 100%!!! Last night was not great. Stefano isn't anywhere CLOSE to being my favorite, but he was the best last night. Our little cupcake Lauren redeemed herself. Scotty didn't make the best song choice (Steve said that Travis Tritt released "It's a Great Day to be Alive" the same year, and I would have much rather heard him perform that song. I like Paul, but I'm worried he's in danger. And Thia. Poor Thia. I think she's a shining example of why these kids should be a little older before they compete on this stage. She has a beautiful voice, but makes poor song choices and exhibits zero charisma. She needs time to grow up maybe.