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Tuesday, March 29

Grey's Anatomy & Mad Men

Ok so all of my blogging lately has been about Idol but there hasn’t been much else on TV lately. My shows are slowly starting to come back on but they will only return for a few episodes and then will be gone again. Here are some thoughts on a couple of my shows:

Grey’s Anatomy- the Music Episode. Ok so I have not been this excited about an episode in a LONG time and it has almost NOTHING to do with the music. I was on the edge of my seat as I watched the preview for this episode. I know Grey’s does it time and time again, a cast member on the operating table but I love it every time (or almost every time). There is something so great about seeing these doctors who deal with the life and death of patients every day forced to deal with the patient being one of their own. I know it is probably very unrealistic that every doctor in the hospital be put on one patient just because they are a friend but it is still GREAT TV. Well due to the shift in characters the past couple season’s Mark & Lexie are my favorite couple on the show and yes I know they aren’t a couple right now but they SHOULD BE! That being said I think this could be an interesting episode for them. Mark will clearly be experiencing all sorts of emotions this episode with his Best Friend/Baby Mama gasping for life and the fate of his unborn child hanging in the balance. I can’t wait to see Lexie’s reaction to all of this.

We all over the years have LOVED the songs played on Grey’s Anatomy. They pick such amazing songs that bring just the right emotion to the forefront. I am definitely interested to see how the singing plays out but in my eyes it could go either way. I just hope we get to really experience all the drama that will take place!

Mad Men- My husband and I are still a season behind on Mad Men, we are anxiously awaiting its release to DVD. However it was just announced that the fifth season of Mad Men will not return until early 2012!! That means we will have to wait that much longer to get caught up! URGH!


Jana said...

I agree. I want Lexie and Mark back together!