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"Our daugher sucks at driving, thats the problem so butt out."
-Christina, Parenthood

Thursday, January 20

Best TV Couples

I saw this today and I loved it:

Best TV Couples of ALL time:
(in random order)

Ricky & Lucy (I love Lucy)
David & Maddie (Moonlighting)
Ross & Rachel (Friends)
George & Louise (The Jefferson's)
Eric & Tammi (Friday Night Lights)
Paul & Jamie (Mad About You)
Carrie & Big (Sex and the City)
Luke and Laura (General Hospital)
Dan & Rosanne (Rosanne)
Ralph & Alice (The Honeymooners)
Cliff & Claire (The Cosby Show)
Sam & Diane (Cheers)
Lois & Clark (Smallville)
Sydney and Vaughn (Alias)
Luke & Lorelei (Gilmore Girls)
Doug & Carol (ER)
Jim & Pam (The Office)
David & Donna (BVH90210)
Zack & Kelly (Saved by the Bell)
Pacey & Joey (Dawson's Creek)
Meredith & Derek (Grey’s Anatomy)
Kevin & Winnie (The Wonder Years)
Kevin & Scotty (Brothers & Sisters)
Homer & Marge (The Simpson's)
Chuck & Blair (Gossip Girl)

This list is great and includes most of my favorites: Ross & Rachel, Chuck & Blair, Ricky & Lucy, Dan & Rosanne, Luke & Lorelei and ofcourse Joey & Pacey! The only couples I would add are from the two new series Parenthood and Modern Family (Adam & Christina and Phil & Claire). What about you? Who would you add to the list?


danajackson930 said...

I must add Ben and Felicity!

Sarah Beth said...

I thought about them but I am going to be honest I never knew who I wanted her to be with during that show, Ben or Noah.

Samantha said...

This is a great list! How about Al and Peggy Bundy? :)