Quote of the Week

"Our daugher sucks at driving, thats the problem so butt out."
-Christina, Parenthood

Tuesday, May 24

Season Wrap Up

So we are drawing to a close on TV season 2010-2011, I am actually happy to be drawing this season to a close and I am not left sitting on the edge of my seat waiting the return of any show.

Let’s review:

Grey’s Anatomy- There was not a big cliff hanger ending (we all know MerDer will work it out) and the rest of the story lines were not very climactic. I hope Cristina has the baby. I hate that Lexi chose Avery. I am slowly falling out of love with this show. I am ready to wrap up and move on but not as much as I am with…

One Tree Hill- Seriously this finale would have been the perfect way to end the show. Brooke has twins and is happy in love. Nathan and Haley are happy and just re-opened Karen’s Café where Haley can still pursue her dreams of singing. Alex and Chase are together which I really like and then there is the rest of the bunch which I honestly don’t care about…Why did this show get renewed?!?!?

Gossip Girl - There was a little cliff hanger on Gossip Girl – either Blair or Serena is preggers! Or who knows it could be something stupid like Blair’s mom took a pregnancy test in Blair’s room to hide it from her hubby. But that is where we are left, Blair being with the prince (ugh –we all know she will end up with Chuck) and Serena being alone and annoying as per usual. Georgina is back which is a needed spice added to the show since it has gotten so dull. I don’t even watch the parts with Nate anymore because they are so boring! The only interesting thing awaiting next season is Dan’s book being published which is sure to stir up some drama.

Private Practice – Now that Ocean Wellness is dissolved and they are starting a new practice the show is going to be the same (minus Naomi). I hate Addison and Sam together so that was a real bummer for me. And I guess we are left with the cliff hanger of Pete’s heart attack (but since Naomi is the only one leaving the show I am thinking he will make it). This will be another downward spiral for Violet and Pete and Violet will be sad that she left him and wasn’t there! So done with their relationship, just be happy and let’s move on.

90210- Why have I gotten into this show?!?! It doesn’t really matter why but I have. I like Naomi and Max together but I really just like Naomi (not sure why) and I want her to have her man! I am definitely intrigued by the pregnancy story line but I hate how pregnancy is thrown around so much just to make the drama between characters better. So at this point Naomi either has an abortion (which I hate), gives the baby up for adoption (which would be so hard and has already been done once on this show), has a miscarriage (which is also really hard) or keeps the baby and her life is forever change on the show. It is a big story line to throw at a character. I guess she could also be lying to keep him around?!?! I should also note that I don’t like Annie (never have) so I hate that her and Liam are together. Also I don’t like Silver and Navid together. I actually liked him and Adrianna and they had to go and make Adrianna all psycho!

Desperate Housewives – this is yet another show that I wish would end but the finale actually did pull me back in. It might be one of the best finales of the season, especially if you consider the length and drama of years past. This episode did a great job of drawing viewers back into the tangled web which is Wisteria Lane. I love the fact that all the main characters are in on this murder cover up for Carlos. It will affect so many story lines on the lane. I hate that Tom and Lynette are separated!!! I hate it so so so much! They are the only couple that has been together since the beginning of the show and it is annoying how TV feels like they need to break everyone up. This storyline makes me anxious to see if they will make it work!

Parenthood – Ahhh a breath of fresh air!! This is the only show I am anxious to see, not because of the way it was left just because I love this show! I love every character and each story line on the show. I can’t wait to see what is in store for these characters next season.

Brothers & Sisters – I am bored just thinking about it….

Mad Men- We have one disc left to finish out this last season and then we will have to wait until January…I will let you know if I am excited to see next season.

The comedies: The Office (a little interested to see how things play out without Steve). Modern Family (it is a joy to watch)

Reality Shows: There isn’t much to say about these shows, we look forward to seeing them right before they return: American Idol, The Bachelor (which the Bachelorette started last night), The Voice (it has been interesting so far)

So now we start summer shows which I am severely lacking in but it is kind of nice to have a break for my DVR! Here is what I am watching this summer:

The Bachelorette – I don’t really care for Ashley but I am sure I will watch this show but I am going to try not to because it is just trash TV that I don’t need to get into. (I didn't watch it last night, yes!)

The Voice – It is kind of a summer show because it seems like it will last atleast through June.

So You Think You Can Dance- Always love this show! The all-stars have not been announced and likely not been chosen yet. Nigel said this year he wants the all-stars to compliment the top 10 dancers so it will depend on who makes the top 10. You know they have their list of possibilities. I sure hope that list includes: Ivan (wouldn’t that be fun), Allison Holker (she did incredible last season), Pasha (you need a great ballroom guy and who is better), Kent Boyd (wasn’t he great last season), Chelsie Hightower (I love her but she probably has other things going on), Mark (he is touring with well everyone right now), Joshua (he would be super fun to have back), Katie (she would also be amazing). I would love Travis but I think he should stick to choreographing because his routines have been awesome!

Now let’s talk about a few shows I am excited to see in the Fall:

Person of Interest – created by JJ Abrams (always intriguing) and has Michael Emerson and Jim Caviezel as the cast.

The New Girl – I really like Zooey Deschanel.

Up All Night – Christina Applegate is fun to watch and this could be a really funny show.