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Wednesday, December 31

Privileged Departure....

Sad news for Privileged fans Michael Cassidy "Charlie" is leaving the show! I, like many fans, was waiting for Megan and Charlie's big moment... I wanted them to at least get to have a go at it as a couple... maybe before he leaves he will at least admit his love to Megan.

Michael is leaving due to lack of story lines and development with his character. I personally loved his character and am very sad to see him go.

For more info click on the link below:


For those avid lost fans who can't wait another minute to get a glimpse of something "Lost" click on the link below to read reviews of the first two episodes... some of the info could be considered "spoilers" so be aware when reading...

Also here is a Promo clip for the new season:

One Tree Hill:

Watch the preview below... it just keeps getting more intense.

American Idol:

American Idol is changing it up this year... not only with a new judge! This season will go back to the old version of AI. The result shows will only be 30 minutes so we won't have to hear Ryan fill a full hours worth of time with gibberish. Also from my understanding we are going back to the original way to create the top 12... They will have different people each week and they will be voted on by the crowd... The top two will win spots in the top 12... then after all four or five groups have gone and the top ten or maybe the top eight is selected there will be a "wild card" round that will elect more.... I would assume this would make 12 or 14 contestants... But I am not sure with the new judge. Previously the audience selected 1, and each judge selected 1 which would make 4 wild card winners but now there is 4 judges so that would be 5 wild card winners... So we will have to wait and see what happens there. Don't forget that in season two Clay Aiken was a wild card winner.....

I personally don't like this way of doing it bc what if all the best people are in one group.... what if one group was:

Kelly Clarkson
Carrie Underwood
Taylor Hicks
Clay Aiken
Ruben Studdard
David Cook
David Archuleta

you see what I mean??? That doesn't seem fair but oh well I am sure the whole process isn't fair! Also they have promised to not have as many weeks of auditions which I am extremely happy about bc I always get very antsy during the audition episodes.

Another change is there will not be an "Idol Gives Back" episode this year, which makes me really sad, they are going to start alternating this every other year.

What do you think of the changes in American Idol Season 8?