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Tuesday, April 5

My Thoughts: Grey's Music Episode

I will go ahead and tell you I was NOT a fan of the Music episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Here is why: · The Music was OK: It isn’t necessarily that the music was bad, because it wasn’t (except that one song with all the couples singing). And I will give it to Shonda Rimes, she was right that I was surprised at how well Lexie can sing. I understand the thought process behind this, "we have great singers (Tony Award winning singers) and we have GREAT music, why not combine them?" BECAUSE you are a MEDICAL DRAMA! · Instead of adding to the emotion it took away. I didn’t think this episode was bad, but it could have been GREAT! I think the singing did the opposite of what they intended. I believe they thought that the characters singing would add a new level of emotion to the story lines but for me it just took the attention away from the story. When Lexie goes to check on Mark and start singing “Just Breathe” it was awkward and I wanted to scream STOP singing and talk to him. I felt like this was true of the majority of the episode. When Hunt started singing about the surgery it was almost comical, that scene was NOT meant to come across like that. Ok so those are my thoughts I know there are a lot of people out there that really liked it, I would love to hear why you liked it so much! Please watch that episode and watch the episode with Meredith almost drowning or Burke getting shot or Izzie finding out she has cancer and tell me that episode brought the same kind of emotion?!?!? I just don’t see how! Here is a clip from when Meredith drowned, no DOUBT music played a huge role in making these scenes emotional. Especially when Mark walks up and sits by Derek. The music helps you to feel the emotion of the scene it adds to it, in no way is your attention drawn to the music. It is drawn more into the scene, into the emotion of the characters. Can you imagine if Mark had been singing that song when he walked up to Derek, no because it wouldn’t have been as good, silence in that moment was PERFECT! Watching this scene reminds me of the best times of Grey’s when Dr. Burke, Izzie, George, and Addison were all still there, ahhh those were the days! George dying…chills EVERY TIME!! Music once again adds, however you aren’t focused on the music it just helps bring the emotion to the surface! Ok so tell me your thoughts.


jessica and corey said...

i totally agree with you... i hated the music aspect of the episode. it would have been so much better without the singing!

Samantha said...

I agree with everything you said, yet I still liked the episode. How is that possible? Umm, let's see...I think it's uncomfortable and awkward when people randomly break into song, but I set that aside. I liked the songs, and I thought they all had lovely voices. Bailey did a great job conveying raw emotion and singing "Chasing Cars" at the same time. When she grabs Callie's hand, I got a little choked up. There were some cheesy parts in between, which you mentioned, but in the end Callie singing "The Story" saved the episode. That being said, I agree that the singing was a distraction that diminished what could have been a very powerful and emotional episode. I propose an alternate episode that contains the exact same plot, but with dialogue instead of singing. Now THAT would be a greatness. Nice post, SB!