Quote of the Week

"Our daugher sucks at driving, thats the problem so butt out."
-Christina, Parenthood

Thursday, April 7

Top 9 Performance Rankings:

I need to start off by saying I thought everyone did a good job last night I think OVERALL it might have been the best night. That doesn’t mean I think this was everyone’s best performances but I think it was across the board a good night for everyone which makes the rankings this week very difficult. I wrote down my order and I keep wanting to change it around (I am not 100% comfortable with what I came up with) but I am leaving it alone. You be the judge (and I know some of you will), did I get it right?

  1. Casey – LOVE him and the upright bass! This is his lane (as JLo would say).

  2. Paul – I think this was Paul’s best performance on the big stage. I thought it was fun and showed off his style better than anything he has performed (I almost put him first) THOSE TWO ARE MY TOP TWO FOR SURE AND THE REST GETS A LITTLE HAZY:

  3. Lauren – I loved her version but after listening to past idols perform this, I see what Randy is saying and it makes me want to drop her down a couple spots.

  4. Jacob – Well he still gets on my nerves “if I get sent home it is not because I didn’t sing it well or because I didn’t do good – it is because America didn’t want to look in the mirror” hmmm I understand what he is saying but let’s not come off as arrogant while doing so. Also I am not sure it would have been nearly as good with out the back up singer (she rocked)!

  5. Haley – I really like her! This week was not nearly as good as last week’s Benny & the Jets.

  6. Scotty – I think he did well. I do think he is a one trick pony but he is smooth and I like his voice.

  7. Pia – I don’t care that the song was “upbeat” it was still boring. Here is the deal she is kind of like Celine Dion (obviously not as good). She is a good singer but is that style really going to make it in the industry? Her upbeat songs still seem like faster ballads. I am sorry she just doesn’t pull me into her performances AT ALL. But there is no denying the girl can sing!

  8. James – He is slowly winning me over with his personality. I didn’t think he was bad this week at all and I somewhat enjoyed his performance but there were moments where I found that I was forcing myself not to press fast forward.

  9. Stefano – He is sweet but it is the same thing week after week. And unlike Scotty his one trick is not as fun or as endearing. I found myself zoning out during his performance.
I hate to say it but I think it is Stefano’s time to go home. I think it is possible that Paul and Haley will join him in the bottom three even though, clearly from my list, they are not deserving this week.