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Thursday, May 8

American Idol - Recap and Predictions- May 7

First of all I want to apologize for not sending out a list of the songs yesterday I had already left work when they posted them.

Now on to the show.....For ONCE I actually thought David A. did the best job last night, Don't get to excited because I didn't think anyone blew me away or did incredible. Overall I was really disappointed with the contestants and their song choices. Now I don't know what kind of list they are given to pick from but you would think that you could pick some better songs from the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.

So here is my order and my thoughts....

1. David A. - I did not like his version of "Stand by Me" at all....I hated all the runs. But his second song "Love Me Tender" I must say was very good...I think this is what he does best just simple without all the hoop la and just sings but I am still not a huge fan...and don't understand the judges obsession with him but this song was the best of the night. Oh and he needs to stop acting so SURPRISED with the judges comments at first it was kind of endearing but now come on man have they given you a negative comment to date!!! I hope he doesn't act all shocked tonight when he is SAFE.

2. Syesha - The first song "Proud Mary" vocally was not that great and I agreed with Simon that it was kind of shrieky, but she had great energy and stage presence in this song. The second song "A Change is Gonna Come" I thought vocally she did well - but I am not familiar with the original.

3. David C. -First song "Hungry Like the Wolf" was ok but the vocals were not great and the songs lacked any kind of real emotion (I did read they were having audio trouble so maybe that contributed). The second song "Baba O'Riley" he did very well but I wish he had more than 90 seconds bc I felt the song just ended.

4. Jason - I am sure all the Jason haters were having a party last night bc he really messed up. The first song "I shot the Sheriff" by Bob Marley was not very was too fast and just not enough soul in his voice. I loved the enthusiasm he had on stage though. I also loved when Simon asked what were you thinking? "I was thinking Bob Marley! Yeah!" The second song "Mr. Tambourine Man" I really enjoyed except when he forgot the lyrics but it didn't bother me that bad but I know the rest of America was probably like OH GOODNESS. But I really enjoyed his version. I also think it is clearly obvious the judges don't want him to be there so we will see what happens tonight but my guess is he is probably going home. And I think he is going to be fine with it, however his 12 year old little sister might be crushed :)

Like I said before I didn't think ANYONE did incredible this week so who knows whats to come in the upcoming weeks. All I know is that at this point it doesn't really matter if you win bc if you work hard enough you will probably do well after Idol.

Happy Watching,
Sarah Beth