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Thursday, May 8

In the News Today

In the News today:

Here is a sneak peek at Britney Spears on How I Met Your Mother. She will be making her second appearance on the show on Monday May 12.

American Idol:
Jason Castro is the most recent contestant to be cut from the show but don't feel bad about it because he doesn't. Paula said he was ready to leave the show. He didn't seem upset at all to be leaving. I think he will have a great career. He may not be a top selling artist but I think he will be able to do what he loves and make a living off it which seems like all he really wants.

Did Jason so desperately want to be voted off that he mouthed "Don't Vote" after his performances on Tuesday or was he mouthing "Vote Vote" decide...

Previous Contestants Carly Smithson and Michael Johns performed on Ellen Monday here is a clip of one of the songs they sang...."One" by U2. I am thinking they should make an album together...I would buy it for sure...They were probably the strongest two vocalists in the competition.

The Hills:
The Hills has been picked up for a 4th season which has already started filming...Tell me are you TEAM LO or TEAM AUDRINA????...Sorry but I am still convinced that Lo is better than what they show of her. I love her still but I hope she stops being so snotty soon. For now TEAM LO!!!!

Stephen and Lauren dating...probably not..but we can hope :),,20198401,00.html

MTV MOVIE AWARDS: Click on the link below and VOTE!!! :)

The Bachelor: Previous Bachelor Andy Baldwin and Marla Maples called it quits due to the "long distance".... I am glad, sorry but they kind of grossed me out.

Denise Richards reality show premieres on E! memorial weekend.

Brothers & Sisters: The cast reveals some hints on what to expect from B&S finale and next season. There will be some major cliffhangers in next weeks finale. Sarah will find out another BIG secret about her father. Who are the two cast members not returning for Season 3? I was thinking it was Danny Glovers character but I am not sure he was ever considered a major role....Michael thinks maybe Saul dies in this coming up episode...but who knows??? I guess we will just have to watch!!!

Desperate Housewives: There is always so much drama on Wisteria Lane and we don't have to expect anything different in the upcoming episodes. The drama is going to hit the fan with Kayla. Also we have heard that next season they are going to fast forward 5 years, does this mean recasting for the children???

We are returning to the freighter this week on Lost...yay I love Sayid. I feel like it has been a while since we have seen what is going on aboard the boat. Also I am anxious to see what Kate was doing for Sawyer...I really hope he isn't dead because I enjoy his character (I doubt he is). Any thoughts on what you think might happen in upcoming episodes???
This was one persons opinion of whether Claire is alive or seems pretty accurate but you NEVER know with LOST.
Claire – Odds: Even Money I keep coming back to the fact that Claire would never willingly part with her bay-bay. Even if there were only so many seats on the way home, there's no way Kate would steal a seat from Claire – ditto for Sayid or Jack or Hurley. What circumstance would see Claire willingly part from her child? Thursday's episode should answer some of those questions, but I still think Claire will be offed by the season finale

Nicole Richie...I love her...I know I might be weird but she makes me laugh. I think she looks great in this picture and how precious is Harlow??

Entourage: New season will begin September 2008...they have begun filming

Greys Anatomy:

Katherine Heigl wants out of her Greys contract...Don't worry loyal watchers ABC's not going to let that happen. But is saddens me that she wants to leave. Rumors are that she doesn't think she needs Grey's anymore since her two movies were box office GOLD. I am just glad we don't have to worry about Izzie leaving Seattle Grace anytime soon! I am all for the "big kiss" at the end of this season being between Izzie and Alex...Yay!

Gossip Girl: Has been renewed for next season with a whopping 24 episodes!!! They are trying to make up for episodes lost during the writers strike.

Just for Fun:
Fan Favorite TV Comedies of all time:
Best TV Comedies of all AOL: I agree with this one more...but I think that Laverne and Shirley should have been higher that is a classic! Yay for Roseanne being so far up the it. I disagree with there number one pick, they must have based it on below to see the list.

Happy Watching,
Sarah Beth


Mary said...

LOST: I can't wait to get back to Sayid, and even more - Desmond!! No way would they let Sawyer die. Famous last words, right?

Grey's: I'm just happy they've given up on Izzie and George. That really creeped me out.

Shelley Scarbrough said...

You go girl! So, why do you think Jason wanted people to vote him off? (I am almost certain that is what he mouthed!)

Sarah Beth said...

Amy - to Answer your question I am not sure the full reason for the canceled live Bachelor "After the Rose" I know in years past this has been something that has never been constant...but I always enjoyed. What I do know is they aren't taking a break before starting the Bachelorette next week so that could be part of the reason. Who knows why the producers do the things they do??? I am sure we will hear in the media soon enough if they are together or broken up but I will make sure I keep an eye out for it! :)

Kent- You can thank Michael for the layout because I can't access the blog myself to change the layout. :)