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-Christina, Parenthood

Thursday, May 8

Just a Quick Tid Bit...

Audrina says on the Lo situation..."Don't feel sorry for me". She admits things come across differently on the show. YAY so maybe Lo isn't as bad as they are making her out to be. I hope the finale will prove this because I love her.....Lets not forget some of her great moments on the original Laguna Beach:
"I don't even own a bag this small"
"Was somebody mean to you, do I need to beat someone one up?" - talking to LC
"Steppphhan, Stepphan" - Making fun of Kristin
"Does someone want to make a hotdog for me...But I don't know how...Help me help me heeelpp mee...My husband will love me for who I am."
"I'm gonna be so freakin cute in Santa Barbra" - after getting her new Jetta
"She does have a point, you shouldn't be failing." - After LC gets punished by her Mom for failing a class.
"Look Kristin wore her PJ's" - To LC at a concert
"Are you taking your Gocci bag to school....This is a cross between Gucci and Coach....can I have it to put out in my room." - making fun of Lauren's knock off purse.

Oh and Audrina lands a movie role.


michael said...

Nice work on the blog...should be some good times!

Kent said...

I'm a first time visitor who finds the layout to be very similar to my favorite Celtics blog, "the shamrock headband." It is pretty wierd to see updates on Audrina and Lo on a site where I'm used to seeing KG screaming into the camera.
I, myself, would side with Audrina, but only after her boob job...haha, just kidding. I've never liked Lo all that much (which separates me from just about every woman alive, I know), but she is nice.

Amy said...

I hope that you had a Happy Birthday. Do you know any updates on The Bachelor and why they are not doing the last episode that they usually show that is Live. I am just wondering if they are still together etc. Thanks! Amy

Sarah Beth said...

I posted this on the wrong blog the first time :)

Amy - to Answer your question I am not sure the full reason for the canceled live Bachelor "After the Rose" I know in years past this has been something that has never been constant...but I always enjoyed. What I do know is they aren't taking a break before starting the Bachelorette next week so that could be part of the reason. Who knows why the producers do the things they do??? I am sure we will hear in the media soon enough if they are together or broken up but I will make sure I keep an eye out for it! :)

Kent- You can thank Michael for the layout because I can't access the blog myself to change the layout. :)