Quote of the Week

"Our daugher sucks at driving, thats the problem so butt out."
-Christina, Parenthood

Tuesday, May 13

In the news the last few days:


Canceled shows: ( I am super sad)
October Road (I guess we will never know forsure who Sam's father is...Nick? Eddie?) :(
Womens Murder Club
Aliens in America
Back to You
New Amsterdam

On the brighter side Eli Stone has been renewed! (I know there are some die hard fans out there)

Desperate Housewives: We are going to have to wait until next season to find out if Edie is returning to Wisteria Lane...maybe in the 5 year flash-forward we will see Edie....Hmmmm...

Megan Mullaly (Karen- Will & Grace) has signed on to play Alicia Silverstones Mom in Bad Mothers Handbook. I am now very intrigued by this show.

If you love it don't miss it.... Scrubs is moving to ABC for it's final season. If you are confused at all by this please click the link below for more information.

Late Night: Fallon is taking over for Conan when Conan takes over for Jay...

American Idol: This week the contestants will sing a song of their own choice, a song chosen by the judges and a song chosen by the producers. This is actually usually my favorite night because I think it offers a little variety and they usually make good choices.... Maybe the judges or producers will pick a song that David A. will not do well on. But at this point I kind of want him to win bc I think it is better for David Cook not to whatever.

David A.: Well it finally happened David's dad got banned for all future idol rehearsals. Apparently the version of "Stand By Me" that David performed was not approved by idol due to the lyrics from "Beautiful Girls" incorporated. This cost idol a bunch of money...(I am assuming this song was not approved to use on Idol)...but David's dad wanted him to do it anyways...Poor David!

New Power Ranking for American Idol:

It's official Jeannie Garth has signed on to be part of the new 90210 spin off. Jeannie "Kelly" will appear in a recurring role as the Guidance Counselor at the West Beverly High School. YAY I love me some Jeannie Garth/Kelly Taylor.

Boston Legal is gearing up for a fifth season! (It has been re-newed)

CBS adds six new shows to there fall line up. The only thing that really excites me about this is that Elizabeth Reaser (known by most as "Ava/Jane Doe/Rebecca" on Grey's Anatomy) has signed on with "The Ex List" which I am assuming means no more "Ava" on Grey's...Which I like bc once again I am a huge Izzie and Alex supporter!!!!

The Hills: Ok so once again even in the finale they didnt really show any more in the episode than they did in the preview, except Spencer and Heidi making amends (I guess?) but we all new that was coming due to the headlines EVERYDAY!!! Anyways did anyone notice how on the aftershow Lo and Audrina were never together and they kept them apart....hmmmmm. Makes me wonder if those issues still really haven't been settled. But it seems like Lauren has stayed friends with them both. Anyways ofcourse the preview got me super excited for next season but that doesn't start until August 18.

The Bachelorette...Not even taking a week break from the Bachelor before the Bachelorette begins... interesting... DeAnna is going to be searching for her soul mate starting Monday!!

This Weeks Finale's:
Brothers & Sisters was last night (if you missed it than you missed some major drama...I will discuss later but give more people a chance to catch up first).

The Bachelor
Samantha Who?
The Hills

Beauty and the Geek
Women's Murder Club - possibly the series finale
Law & Order SVU

Till Death
America's Next Top Model
Back to You: Series Finale

My Name is Earl
The Office - 1 hour finale
Without a Trace

Ghost Whisperer
Desperate Housewives : 2 hour finale
The Simpsons
Aliens In American: Series Finale

What to Watch this Week: (see above)
One Tree Hill - Monday
How I Met Your Mother- Monday (Britney's second appearance)
House - Monday
Bones - Monday
Dancing with the Stars- Monday & Tuesday
Gossip Girl- Monday
American Idol - Tuesday & Wednesday
The Real World: Hollywood - Wednesday
Boston Legal - Wednesday
Ugly Betty - Thursday
Grey's Anatomy- Thursday
Lost - Thursday


Iron Man is #1 for the second weekend in a row followed by: 2. Speed Racer, 3. What Happens in Vegas (which I really want to see), 4. Made of Honor, 5. Baby Mama

Coming Out this Weekend in Theaters: (only 1 movie really coming out this weekend)
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

New Releases to DVD this week:
The Great Debaters
Mad Money

Just for Fun:
Saved by the Bell: Where are they now?
Best Cliffhanger finales:
Most Watched Series Finales:
25 Sexiest Couples in Movies: (Ofcourse number 18 is my favorite, and I hate number 3)
New Kids on the Block Quiz:,,20182320,00.html

Happy Watching,

Sarah Beth