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"Our daugher sucks at driving, thats the problem so butt out."
-Christina, Parenthood

Wednesday, May 14


Ok so I won this award on my 8th grade cheerleading squad and well here is why:

American Idol:
I have to say I really thought at this point I would be really excited and routing for David Cook (which I am routing for him) but I am not really excited about the show entertains me but I think all my favorites are gone so I just don't love it anymore. Anyways here are my thoughts on what I saw last night:

1. David Cook: I thought his first song was really good although I swear it felt like he sang for 30 felt so short...I will be happy when they get to sing a little bit longer. Anyways the second song - Michael thought it was "terrible" I wouldn't go that far...I enjoyed it for the most part but it was "pitchy" as Randy said. The last song was great I loved the instruments on stage and how they were arranged it really added to the emotion of the song. Also I thought he sounded good and it was a great fit for him(probably the best of the night in my opinion).

2. Syesha: I actually thought Syesha sounded good on all her songs tonight...I love Alicia Keys and really thought she was going to murder that song but she sang it surprisingly well...I thought it did almost sound identical to the original but that doesn't bother me bc when they get off American Idol they aren't going to be remaking songs so it is fine for now. The second song "Fever" was good not great I enjoy other versions of this song better but she did well and worked the stage as usual. The third song "Hit Me Up" was good...I have no idea what song this is...but I thought she sang it well and I enjoyed the up tempo song. I thought the judges were pretty hard on her tonight and it is still so OBVIOUS that they want the two David's to be in the finale...they really didn't try to hide their agenda at all last night!

3. David A: Now don't get me wrong David wasn't awful last night....I thought his brightest moment was when he sang Chris Brown's "With You" not because he sounded great (because he didn't) and not because he wasn't awkward (because he WAS) but I give him mad props for going out on a limb and doing something different and being unpredictable...Interesting that they call him predictable but when it comes time for the judges and producers to pick songs for him they give the typical old slow ballad songs. I loved that he just had fun with this song and showed us that he wants to be "pop". So I really applaud him for this choice. The other two songs were pretty typical boring David A. performances....the first song his vocals were good and once again I enjoy his voice so much better with out all the runs so this was pretty good for me.

Over all I thought David A was the weakest of the night but I think we all know that Syesha is probably going home tonight.

One Tree Hill:
Ok so this show is driving me crazy for SO many reasons....Let me just list a few:

1. "18 hours earlier" - I don't get it all...they showed several clips at the beginning and then said 18 hours earlier...ok so the clips were:
Brooke at the hospital about to find out about Angie
Deb flashing the computer
Jamie walking on the side of the road by himself
A water balloon breaking right infront of Dan as he walks down the sidewalk
Lucas at the basketball game throwing a hissy fit
All right I think that is all....... Ok as you can see all of these events started at completely different times so the only assumption I can make is when they say eighteen hours earlier that they mean from the last clip which was Lucas at the basketball game throwing a hissy fit..... Ok now lets calculate what time this should be..... Lets say the game starts anywhere between 7-8 (typical highschool basketball right?) and the hissy fit happens with three minutes left in the game so lets say that the game lasts 3 hours (which is pretty long) it is anywhere between 10-11.... Ok so 18 hours before that would be 5:00-6:00 am..... WHAT????? Now Let's see where we begin the episode - Peyton answering the phone - it is bright outside like really bright, doesn't sound like 5 am to me. Also they rush to the hospital and then about an hour later Lucas shows up....seriously he is already up at 5-6 in the morning (and has been to skills house and eaten breakfast).... Ok so this really annoyed me if you can't tell and really didn't make any since to me...If it makes since to you please fill me in!!!!!!

2. After the last episode the preview for this week with Peyton and Lucas falling on the bed with her unbuttoning his shirt...After seeing last nights episode and watching the preview back it is obvious that this is her unbuttoning his shirt and getting him ready for bed after she brings him home drunk...HOWEVER they didn't even include this clip in the episode which I find really annoying. (maybe I accidentally fastforwarded through it). Who knows?

3. "Fast Forward" - The whole point of the "Fast-Forward" was to develop better story lines and have this gap of years that they could draw story lines first this was good...they had the "Lucas-Lindsey" and "Lucas-Peyton" thing and then "Nathan going crazy" but now we are back in the same tired story lines with a few boring add ins..... I really want them to develop those years we missed....I want to know what happened with Chase and Brooke?? I want to see how Karen handled moving on from Keith and her anger towards Dan??? Haley juggling school and raising a child and the hardships??? I want to see Nathan playing basketball for Whitey....I know we won't really see these things but they have so much they can build on and have all kind of mystery and people from the past showing up would really add a twist to the show...Instead we are stuck with the mellow dramatic Lucas (gag) and the creepy Deb hooking up with Skills.

Brothers & Sisters:
Wow we were left with some Drama on Brothers & Sisters...First off I am glad that Rebecca is not related to them. I think it will work better for the story line and really creates a Villain again out of Holly, which I believe she needs to be (come on there has to be one). So we are left to ponder who is "Ryan" and in my opinion the more intriguing question is who was his mother?? Nora has been so great at handling all of the lies but how will she handle this? Also I really applaud the writers of B&S at how they handled the Rebecca/Justin story line. I think they did a great job of covering the obvious it is WEIRD but maybe there is a reason they were brought together and it wasn't bc they are siblings...I really loved the scene up on the mountain and how great and awkward it was all at the same time. Great job! I also was glad that Scotty's parents didn't show up at the wedding, not because I agree with them necessarily but because I thought it made it more real. I was thinking how cheesy it would be if they just all the sudden said "You are right, it is ok." I like that is was more realistic. I thought that Nora did a great job for making up for them not being there and trying to make it perfect for them, it was a touching story line. Does anyone else wonder where in the world Sarah's kids are??? I know they are staying with their dad but seriously we haven't seen them in forever! Well until next year......

Best quote "This is the gayest week of my life" - Justin

Desperate Housewives:
Ok so the drama really started to unfold this week which means next weeks finale is going to be crazy!!!! I will start by saying I thought Marcia Cross "Bree"
did a remarkable job during this episode!! Edie finds out about Ben not being Bree's baby and uses it as blackmail. I loved her walking over to the other "wives" and telling them the truth. The girls were so supportive and I loved the whole scene with them. "What are WE going to do." It was such a well written scene. My favorite part of the episode was the four of them walking over to see Edie... no words spoken just the dramatic walk to her house! I have to admit I felt a little bad for Edie bc we all know how Bree is and she is pretty conniving and she definitely was mean to Edie but Edie has had it coming for a while now....So we will have to see if she is back next season - I am not sure if she is in the finale or not. I honestly don't care much about the Gabbie/Carlos story line. I loved that Susan faked her labor that was so typical Susan. Mike's mother is awful but she reminds me the stereotypical southern woman who says really mean things in a sweet voice (Bree is great at this too). Ok so I really do feel badly for Lynette. Kayla is really awful she reminds me of a child in horror films..she makes the most evil faces. I hate that Tom doesn't see this because you know this is going to cause problems in their marriage and I really like Tom and think he is a good husband to Lynette. I believe Lynette does need to work on her love for Kayla but I hate that no ones really is on her side. I am hoping in next weeks episode we will she the other housewives rally around her like they did Bree. I know that Lynette shouldn't have hit Kayla but seriously that girl is a brat and evil so someone has got to figure out what to do with her...I just wish that Tom would trust his wife more.....Ugh I know next week Lynette is going to get into so much trouble and I hate to see that. I guess Kayla is truly just like her mother.

Grey's Anatomy:
I feel the closer we get to the finale of Grey's the more I think Izzie and Alex are going to get together...I hope it is not wishful thinking but I have a feeling :)
Izzie and Alex Kisses:;_ylu=X3oDMTEzcmt1ZWtjBHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDMwRjb2xvA2FjMgR2dGlkA0gxMTlfMTE3/SIG=120nforkk/EXP=1210865577/**http:/

CW Fall Line up:
Monday unchanged: Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill
Tuesday - 90210 spin off and Surviving the Filthy Rich
Wednesday - Top Model and Stylista
Thursday - Supernatural and Smallville

The Hills:
Quote about season four which I am super excited about:
For Lo's part, she sees the tension as having nothing to do with her, despite her self-described "foul face" when the topic comes up. Next season, expect more from Lo's perspective. "It's disheartening to see me turn into such a bad guy on the show," she said. In Season 4, she promised, "You're going to see the other side of the story. I think people need to remember that it's Audrina and Lauren's relationship that's having problems.... It's not my relationship to muck up."

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