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Wednesday, May 28

It's Been Too Long

Sorry it has been so long since the last update.... It has been a crazy couple weeks!

Take a look at the official Fall Line Up for the major networks:

Men in Trees: returns this Wednesday for its FINAL three episodes.. this is your chance to get some closure on the show.

90210 - the previews to this show definitely have me intrigued...I am sure it will be another OC type of show...which I do love. Tori Spelling is set to reprise her role as "Donna Martin" for guest appearences on the new show this fall!

David Cook and Kimberly Caldwell (American Idol season 2) went on a date...David Cook confirmed this on Regis and Kelly Tuesday morning. He says "They'll probably hang out again." I don't have a comment on this at the moment.

Josiah Lemming signs a record deal and calls AI glorified karaoke. This is probably true but he probably should just keep his mouth shut given the fact that the only reason he got a record deal is because of his exposure on American Idol. I believe he is young and just learning how to deal in hollywood. I am excited for his album.

In other news with past American Idol contestants...Sanjaya is filming a commerical for Nationwide...I guess he decided to take a turn off the singing route. This is probably very wise.

List of canceled shows on the link below: Included on the list October Road, Las Vegas, Oprahs Big Give, Big Shots, Cashmere Mafia, Here Comes the Newlyweds, Girlfriends, Beauty and the Geek, Pussycat Dolls Presents, 1 vs 100 and many more!

Now on to what is on TV right now:

So you think you can dance: I love love love this show and am so pumped about it being on. Last week they had the two hour premeire!!! I already have some favorites: Robert being at the top of my list. The show airs episode 2 tonight from 7-9 on fox.

LOST: the two hour finale of Lost airs tomorrow night (Thursday)...I am so ready! I hope that it is as good as they have built it up to be. I can't wait to find out how those 6 end up together and safe... And the big question on my mind where is Sawyer??? And where is he now?? (my guess still on the Island, I think they "move" the Island and so no one can find it anymore since it isn't at those exact cordinates)...Just a guess though. Can't wait!!!!

The Bacherlorette: Ok so one thing I really love about this season is that the guys are staying in that cabin kind of area and that each week three guys get to go live with her, it kind of mixes things up. Right now I am liking Graham the best. And I am not sure why everyone is harping on Jeremy so much, I don't think he has done anything crazy. My least favorite right now is Twilly... What are your thoughts and comments????

Denise Richards: It's Complicated: Ok so I was intrigued by this show and now I am hooked. I don't even really like Denise Richards and she makes me like her less in the show but it is so interesting to watch. I know I shouldn't.

Living Lohan: I was somewhat intrigued but this show, I must admit I would have been more intrigued if Lindsay was actually on the show but still I found myself watching it. I don't think this show will go on my TiVo though, I didn't find them interesting enough to watch weekly.

Shows to look out for this Summer:

MTV Movie Awards this Sunday June 1 at 7 on MTV

Legally Blonde "The Musical": The Search for the Next Elle Woods: This has potential to be a good show especially if you like dance/singing reality shows. It premeires on MTV June 2 at 9.

The Mole: Premeires Thursday June 2 on ABC at 8.

Army Wives: Premieres Sunday June 8 at 9 on Lifetime.

Weeds: Premieres Monday June 16 at 9pm on showtime.

Americas Next Best Dance Crew: Premieres Thursday June 19 at 9pm on MTV

Big Brother 10: Premieres July 13 at 7pm on CBS

The Closer: Premieres July 14 at 8pm on TNT

In other news:

Jessica Simpson has a new country single... click below to listen to "Come On Over"

Happy Watching!

Sarah Beth


ROBYN LANE said...

I am not a Bachelor fan, but the Bachelorette I can do. And, I like Graham alright so far, and Twilly is weird, and I'm with you on Jeremy - not really sure what he did to make everyone so mad. I also really like Jason and Ron, but there's still way too much story to be told ... we'll see what dirt surfaces on all these guys!

Shea said...

Thanks for keeping me up-to-date! I didn't know about the Legally Blonde show. I'll have to set my DVR - b/c of course I'm not up that late. Ha, ha, gah, such a grandma over here!