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"Our daugher sucks at driving, thats the problem so butt out."
-Christina, Parenthood

Wednesday, June 25



Wild Sweet Orange is going to be on the David Letterman Show this Friday night!!! Get excited and get your TiVo's ready to record.

Visit their myspace page by clicking below:

Shows that can't be deleted from the DVR:

Shows that got stuck on my DVR: The Prom Grey's episode definitely got stuck on my DVR for a long time mainly bc I loved the moment between Izzie and Alex when he lifted her up and just held her. Also the finale of Grey's two seasons ago when Burke left Christina at the altar...That was such a great acting job and I was in awe of how the whole thing played out. So you think you can dance when Dominic and Sabra did the hip hop routine. I also always keep the season finales of the previous season so before the new season begins I can go back and watch every moment again to get ready :) We have the entire last season of lost on our DVR still not sure why but we can't bring ourselves to delete them!

What shows are forever stuck on your DVR??? (post your comments below)

Ok so that is the buddytv list here is mine:

8. Chris
7. Matt
6. Thayne
5. Gev
4. Mark
3. William
2. Josh (he is my favorite though)
1. Twitch

8. Jessica
7. Chelsea Traille
6. Comfort
5. Kourtni Lind
4. Courtney Galiano
3. Kherington
2. Katee S.
1. Chelsie Hightower

What are your thoughts??? Who is the top dancer to you or who is just your favorite???
What to Watch Tonight:
So You Think You Can Dance (Obviously)
The Real World: Hollywood
Wife Swap
Top 20 Behind the Scenes Scandals:
Happy Watching,
Sarah Beth


Laura Mielke said...

BIG PAPA! I LOVE your blog!!! I found it from Shea's. THE BEST way to keep in touch with friends in my opinion. It is actually interactive. SO add me to your list of fans. SO Ill go ahead and say it... BOO GRAHAM!!! what the heck!?!?! I have never thought of him and just camera shy... he is just immature! If he loves Deanna he needs to get over his fear of a camera and be real with her and tell her he loves her. Even though he is THE HOTTEST guy on the show he needs to get real with it. And poor De, I watched her SQIRM on the bench just begging him to open up and thought that was really really sad. I have had experiences where the guy just wouldn't open up and know that it really hurts and I don't think that any girl should have to put up with that. It may turn out that she does the same thing Brad did to her and dump them all on the finale and then Graham comes breaking through the clouds but he will have to do some serious professing to convince me - as if I am the one that matters ;) I wish the best to them both and give them Kudos for making Reality TV a whole lot more fun to watch!!!

Sarah Beth said...

I love your opinion Laura thanks for sharing! I do heart Graham and I think he hates the camera but I understand where you are coming from 100%. If her love language is verbal affirmation then they probably won't mesh well or they would have some things to work through. I absolutely was on the edge of my seat when they were talking after the rose ceremony...LOVED IT! :)