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"Our daugher sucks at driving, thats the problem so butt out."
-Christina, Parenthood

Thursday, September 4

Gossip Girl vs. The OC

Gossip Girl:

GG is adding two new students Aaron (John Patrick Amedori) and Agnes (Willa Hollard). Agnes is a model/bad influence who will befriend Jenny and push her to start her own clothing line. Look for Aaron to cause some tension between Serena and Dan, don't get too sad you knew it was coming..... This will be the couple that is together and torn apart through out the entire series...The real question is will Blair & Chuck ever be together again and if they do then will it last more than a single episode? Ok you know I had to bring it back to those two!!! Oh and you may recognize Willa Hollard from the former popular teen drama The OC...which brings me to another point: everyone compares GG to The OC I just don't see it.... They ARE all rich children who go to school and it appeals to teen groups but other than that I don't see the resemblance....

Thoughts and Comments about the new characters? Do you think Gossip Girl is the new "OC"?

Grey's Anatomy: Rose is Pregnant?
Ok so in the preview on the link below Rose tells Patrick she is carrying his baby.... BUT Shanda Rimes promises that Rose is not pregnant....but it looks like something is going on here.... Could she be lying to Derek to get his attention? Or does she think she is pregnant? Or is it something completely different??? Could Shanda be lying to us to cover up a story-line, somehow I don't think so......

What do you think about Rose saying she is with child??

The Hills:
What, what?? Holly & Doug?? Apparently they are just "hanging out". He did go as Holly's date to the event but Doug says "There are no romantic sparks. She is a great girl. We just came out here"... after that quote, for her sake I hope they are just friends!


Lauren was spotted faking an emotional scene with Whitney.... we can only assume this is the scene where Whitney tells Lauren she is moving to New York (as if she didn't already know that Whitney was starting her own show).

MTV: Music Awards
The VMA's are this Sunday night at 7:00pm (The Hills will have a new episode before the show begins). Britney Spears will open the VMA's this year BUT she will not be performing...I guess she will just be saying hi or presenting the first award. Interesting fact: Britney Spears has been nominated 17 times for VMAs but has never won, crazy I would have thought for sure she won one in the late 90's or 2000.


Shea said...

I will be absolutely ticked if Rose is pregnant! I so loved the finale - just let Meredith & Dereck be together! SB, I know you don't love that storyline, but you know, I do. And, 90210 I thought was cheesy but I love some cheese, so I'm sure I'm hooked - atleast for now. ;)