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Wednesday, April 15

Top 7 Songs from the Cinema

I have been out of touch for a while and I don’t have time to write much but I wanted to give you my brief rundown from last night:

I hate the 2 judges commenting…I always want to hear what Simon says and I think it could have really effected the voting.

I didn’t agree with many of the comments the judges made. I wasn’t blow away by any of the contestants but I didn’t think anyone was awful either. I don’t think it was anyone’s best performance or even in their top 2 except maybe Anoop (that’s not saying much).

Here is my rundown: (I am sure I will get some hate comments after this)

1. Danny – I really liked his voice and passion
2. Anoop- This actually was one of Anoops best, he didn’t miss a note but he is still lacking something
3. Allison – It was good, not great
4. Matt – He definitely had some pitchy parts but when he was on it was beautiful and soulful
5. Kris – I was somewhere in between the judges on Kris, he definitely had some rocky parts and the beginning was a struggle. Once he hit the end he got into a groove but the reason Kris landed below Matt is because they both had rocky parts but I enjoyed the parts where Matt was on better than the parts where Kris was.
6. Adam- I thought Adam did a good job and technically I probably should have ranked him higher but I have enjoyed some of his other performances much more!
7. Lil – It was one of her best but it still didn’t move me, she should go home tonight but I am worried she won’t.

I think it is possible that the judges would save someone tonight if it is anyone but Anoop or Lil I honestly don’t think they would save either one.

Who do you think is going home?


Michael said...

Honestly, I am not sure the judges would save Lil, Anoop, or Matt. They haven't been that high on Matt. Anoop may have a better chance of getting saved than Matt. I almost want them to save someone and get it over with. Lil needs to go home but I don't think there is any chance that will happen.

Kent said...

yall are both racists for being negative about Lil. If Lil goes home, my team is done.
The only thing that would have made Adam's performance better would have been if the lightning had actually struck him...and maybe Kara too. Too harsh?

Areta said...

I think that I still love Anoop! I think the judges would save Kris and not so sure about Matt, sorry SB! I did like his outfit and song last night! oh, and allison's three red colors on her outfit were too distracting for me (one shade for the hair, another on the belt, and a third with her pants)!

Sarah Beth said...

I agree that the judges would save Kris and I am not sure they would save Matt ;) For some reason they haven't been a big fan of him this season. We will have to wait and see.

Unknown said...

Gotta' go with Kris all the way! Enjoyed your blog.