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Tuesday, July 15

Yesterday's News

Jessica is OUT; Comfort is back IN: So You Think You Can Dance I know crazy right? Well Jessica is hurt (no details have been released but Jessica will announce on Wednesday way she can't return to the show), and since she can't dance they have asked Comfort to rejoin the cast. We will all no more about this on Wednesday but nothing like this has ever happened before on so you think you can dance. Last year Jesse got hurt and had to leave but they just cut her during elimination and didn't have to bring someone back...very interesting. Also Nigel let it slip during the press conference that Joshua and Courtney will be paired up this week (I think I like it).

What are your thoughts???

October Road: We will get CLOSURE:

For all the October Road fans out there the creators of October Road are planning on wrapping things up for its loyal fans. They plan on filming a 15 minute piece that will start at Hannah & Big Cat's wedding and flash forward 7 years to tie up all loose ends and answer the shows most intriguing questions. The 15 minute addition will most likely be added to the season 2 DVDs and possibly online. I will keep you up to date with where this is release. :)

Prison Break:

Prison Break will have a 2 hour premiere on August 25, which is the first big fall premiere. It will be set month after the final episode and SPOILER Sara & Michael will see each other in the first episode (so we don't have to wait a long time). The producer said the hardest cast member to keep on this season (due to lack of story lines) was T-bag but don't worry the slimy character is definitely in this season, which is why he found the "bird book" that belonged to Whistler in the final episode. I am so excited!!!

PS Just looking at this picture of T-bag creeps me out.

Army Wives: RENEWED for Third Season

Before the end of the second season Lifetime has announced that Army Wives will be back for a third season. :)

Entourage: Returns September 7 with Fully loaded cast
Entourage has announced several of its guest stars for this season they include: Jaime Lynn Sigler, Lukas Haas and Giovanni Ribisi (playing aspiring screenwriters) and Fran Drescher and Kevin Pollak (as an obnoxious Beverly Hills couple), Leighton Meester (reprising her role from Season 1, as a pop tart), Bow Wow (as Charlie, a new client of E's) and Eric Roberts, Jeffrey Tambor, singers Tony Bennett and T.I., golfer Phil Mickelson, film critic Richard Roeper, network exec Ben Silverman, the hosts of The View and (whew) Mark Wahlberg (aka Entourage's creator/exec producer).

Reality TV Awards: AOL

Click the link below to vote for all your favorites. You know I did!!!

Reality Shows:

There are going to be 172 new reality shows this year!!1 Crazy huh?? 32 new reality shows will air on broadcast networks and the other 140 on cable this trend ever going to end??? I love my reality shows but this seems a little ridiculous but I guess the networks make so much money bc they don't have to pay a typical cast.... If people keep watching (like myself) then I don't see an end in sight.

Top 10 Unbreakable TV Shows: Longest Running
10. The Simpsons - 19 yrs (I thought this would be number 1)
9. Cops - 19 yrs
8. America's Most Wanted - 20 yrs
7. Gunsmoke - 20 yrs (older show)
6. 48 Hours - 20 yrs
5. The Red-Skeleton Show - 20 yrs (older show)
4. The Ed Sullivan Show - 23 yrs
3. 20/20 - 30 yrs
2. Monday Night Football - 38 yrs
1. 60 minutes - 40 yrs

CSI: (A Friend Sent me this news)

Big news, CSI fans!
Entertainment Weekly reports that William Petersen's character on CSI, Gil Grissom, will be gone by mid-season.
"Billy is leaving," confirms the show's executive producer, "But he will remain throughout the run of the series an executive producer. And he will, whenever CBS asks, come back. I don't think you've seen the last of Gil Grissom."
Petersen tells the mag, "I'm in a great place in terms of knowing that I'll be more free to make choices. And I'm responsible enough to not do it in a way that would hurt [the show]. I want it to work for the writers, I want it to work for the cast, and, MOST importantly, I want it to work for the audience. I don't want them to abandon the show."
It's always good to spread your wings a bit.
He has been on the show 8 years!! He's made all the money he needs.
Now, the question is: does anyone care that he's leaving the show???


Laura Mielke said...

I have always thought that the Entourage guy on your post could play John Mc. in a movie... of course he would have to grow a beard but... :) SO good to see you and Mike the other night BTW